Day 165 Would you like some adventure with your coffee

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. My town and indeed my whole state is famous for shopping. My town is home to Outlet Mall shopping. People always say they know my home because of the outlet malls–and I don’t ever go there! I wish my town was famous because of its truly fantastic farmers market.

    Can you pick up your coffee (in your own mugs) to go?

    • Yes it really is sad how so many people spend so much time shopping. In Australia we have grocery shops in our shopping Malls it is very convenient because it is one stop shopping. However I sometimes go across town to do my grocery shopping at a strip mall just because it is so hard to get a car park at my local shopping mall. I just wish some of these people would get a life and find something better to do with their time.
      To answer your quetion about piking up coffee in my own mug, I really don’t know Ihave never tried that here.

  2. You might also stop by your local tourist office. They usually have loads of information and often a helpful staff.

    • Hi Cyndi,
      nice to hear from you thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. That is a good idea I will do that. One can get a little reliant on computers to do everything these day and I had forgetten about the human factor out there willing to help.

  3. I like your alternatives to shopping. I find shopping tiring and now that I’m decluttering, rather boring. There are so many things one can do to have fun without spending money or bringing home stuff. My husband and I like to drive to go exploring in different towns around us. We love history and often we discover some interesting fact(s) about the towns we visit. We usually find a small personally owned place to eat. It usually is less expensive and you get more food for your money!

  4. Yes, shopping IS boring if you are not interested in buying. The less interested you are in buying from a certain store the more boring it is (just think of kids..)
    I used to go meet friends down town for coffee. My kid is 18 months and doesn’t really like sitting in coffee shops, so now I try to get my friends to come over to our place, or go to the beach or a play ground with us -coffee is still included in the plan;)
    We don’t end up going to the stores, and all of us have a better time!

    • Hi Cat’s Meow,
      it is funny how things change when you aren’t looking isn’t it. Before I left Australia ten years ago to move to the USA australians were famous for getting together for a cuppa (cup of tea or coffee). Often you would see a friend when dropping your kids of a school and one would say to the other “would you like to come over for a cuppa”. We were happy to have an instant coffee and a chat at home there was no need for expensive lattes at shopping centre cafes. I don’t know waht happened to that.