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  1. I am not prepared to go that far either in my home, Colleen, so just now I contacted two of the phone book companies in my area and opted out. Such a simple, easy solution, and I feel so good about it. Thank you, Colleen and Rachel, for the yellow pages link. I might try using the books I currently have as a weed mat under mulch. This works for newspapers as well.

    • Hi Di,
      good for you, that’t one more small step to a better world.

      Hi Crystal Apple,
      Willow suggested using them as booster seats too. I suppose I am just too far from my kids being that age and not at the stage where I have grandchildren yet so I missed the true value of that suggestion. Your other use in the horse pasture sounds very unique too. Who knew how useful phone books really are.

      Hi Willow.
      I am going to google for edible uses for dandelion soon and see if I can make use of them.

  2. Crystal Apple

    But dandelion leaves ARE good in salads! Best before blooming. 🙂 I’ve never tried clover, but the horses love it! I’d be game to try them. 😉

    Phonebook: I use it as a booster seat for the kids. It gets demolished by the time a new one arrives. The remains of the demolished one gets put through the shredder and then put in the mud in the horses’ pasture — absorbs moisture/reduces mud.

  3. Yes, dandelions ARE good to eat as are nasturiums blossoms. Have I eaten them? Yes on the nasturiums and no on the dandelions. But if Ray Bradbury is to be believed, dandelion wine is great.

    Crystal Apple’s comment about the phonebook reminds me of a Reader’s Digest story about the the city family who went to visit their country cousins. When the child needed a booster chair, the city mom suggested using the phonebook (ours in LA was 2″+ thick), the country hostess looked at her strangely but reached over and placed her little town’s 1/2 ” thick phone book on the child’s chair. 🙂

  4. Another use for old phone books and magazines…use them as “drop cloths” when working on crafts – just turn the page/s when you need a fresh page to paint or glue something else.

    • Hi Shelley,
      thanks for joining us with your comment you are most welcome here at 365lessthings. I could certainly use that tip as I do my fair share of craft and my son is an art student. I will keep that in mind for other useless paper that turns up at my house too.