Day 268 In case of fire

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I’ve thought of this before – and it is sobering to realize that most of the stuff you have you don’t care about. I can’t imagine how almost having it be consumed by fire brings it home to you. I know for a fact I’d miss 2 things: my books and photographs. Everything else is just there and while it would be a pain to have to replace certain items (like furniture) I wouldn’t be heartbroken.

  2. Thanks for posting my comment!

    – Amy

  3. Two years ago we had to leave Brazil in a hurry (serious health issues.) We thought we’d be back in a few months and left everything behind. Now it’s over a year later and I know I could live without ALL of it. I just want my journals and family photos and a healthy husband. And I’d happily give up the first two items to have the third one!

    • Hi hopeinbrazil,
      thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment. I am very sorry to hear your husband is ill and I hope that he will be well again soon.
      It is times like these that we tend to revaluate other aspect of our lives and realise what is really important. Life can deal us some pretty cruel knocks sometimes and unfortunately all we can do is roll with the punches and learn from the experience. I hope your situation improves soon and you can move on to happier times.

  4. Hi Colleen,
    About your glasses in the photo – in New Zealand the opticians accept old glasses back, for collection to be taken to the Pacific Islands and represcribed and given (free) to people there who need them. Have you got a similar system in Australia, or do you have to throw them away?

    • Hi Ann,
      I have heard of this before but I am not sure if it is only for prescription lens glasses. I have declutter a few pairs of reading glasses some of them went to the thrift store but some were damaged and went in the bin. I now wear prescription glasses and when they need decluttering I will certainly investigate the options.


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