Day 270 Wow this house seems big

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  1. Your comment about your husband being upstairs is exactly why I think our house is too big. Our office and my craft room are upstairs but we rarely use them. Why? Because we’d rather spend time together in the living room. When I do want to work on crafts I find it nice that my husband will hang out on the computer at the same time. Some couples may need more “space”, but we enjoy spending time together.

    • Hi Carmen,
      this is the first time we have spent an exteneded time together like that without the kids and I must say we got along beautifully. Maybe that was partly due to the fact that I was so stressed out before we left that he wasn’t game to put of foot out of place in case I freaked out altogether but either way it was lovely. He went back to work yesterday and I missed him.

  2. My husband and I recently moved my desk and computer into the same room as his. It made sense for economical reasons: saving on electricity for lights and A/C and gas in the winter, and also for more intimacy. When we are on our computers and find something interesting, we can just turn around and share that information with the other. So now we enjoy spending our evenings together and wonder why we didn’t make this change sooner.

    • Hi Di,
      I use a laptop so I can wonder around with it and we can choose to be together or not so that is convenient. Moving your two computers together sounds like a wise choice, socially, economically and environmentally. Good for you.