Day 349 Editing your possessions

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  1. Colleen, what kind of Coffee Grinder do you have? It sounds great and I am looking for a good one.

    CIndy, I like your editing idea for declluttering. That’s what I like to do. I had just never thought of it with that analogy.

    • Thanks Deb. I have a sort of annoying coffee grinder. I bet you don’t want to know about that! : )

    • Hi Deb J,
      It is a Breville BCG300. I bought an extra grinding bowl for it just after I got it so I could use one for coffee and the other for grinding spices and then I came up with the brilliant idea of whipping cream in it and making small quantities of bread crumbs and the like. Even though the bowl can go in the dishwasher I didn’t think it would be wise to use one bowl for for all those things because odours linger and I didn’t want the taste of my coffee ruined.

  2. Great analogy for decluttering, Cindy, and completely true. I’m a writing teacher; may I quote you on the editing process?

  3. A few years ago when our closets and cupboards and other storage spaces were starting to groan at the seams, I read one of Don Aslett’s books about de-junking your life. If I remember right, he focuses on the “clean sweep” type of decluttering, but I never had the blocks of time and the sustained energy to be able to do this, and my clutter continued to pile up. But I did manage to bring away two briefly mentioned points from his book which I found helpful for my type of cleanup – one, where you just pick the obvious problem clutter from a cluttered area each time you go by it, until it’s whittled down to a more manageable size, and two, the five-minute, or “just get started” approach, which means it’s usually hardest to just get going on a job but once you’ve started, it’s quite easy to keep it up. The first of these approaches is similar to what you’re explaining here, Cindy, and it’s been the only approach I’ve found that works for me. Not everyone can take a week away from their work and family to do an all-out sweep, nor can they make that many decisions (often wrenching) all at once. It takes persistence to do a little at a time, but the choices themselves often seem easier.

    So, yay for gradual decluttering, and thank you for describing it so well and helping to show others the way!

    • Thanks Jo. In 2009, we did a huge remodel on our house. By then, we’d remodeled the bedroom wing ourselves and had lived here for 6 years. Nonetheless, I was amazed at the ideas that people, including ourselves, continued to come up with during the process. Seeing it unfold allowed for new possibilities and new uses to emerge. While I wouldn’t do each and every thing exactly like it was done if I had to start over, I would replicate the vast majority of the design. (Really, it would be some of the more picky things that I wouldn’t do again.) My point is, watching it unfold slowly allowed time to make changes as we went, just like the decluttering, and left me with a home that is truly fantastic.

  4. Good concept. I do that with my blog. I am working on my craft room clutter.I’m getting there, slowly but surely.I think it’s one of those things that you will do the rest of your life and never get finished.

    • Hi Sawn61,
      Oh dear, I hope your are wrong about the craft room clutter but I fear that considering the sheer volume of my accumulated craft supplies you are right. That’s it, I am going to have to open an Etsy shop and sell my way through my craft supplies.

  5. Cindy, thanks for another practical and inspiring post. What a perfect analogy…..decluttering is editing stuff. Good thought to focus on when getting rid of things seems overwhelming or old. It seems that I naturally do this when I’ve been through an area of my home, and over weeks or months, I keep editing more. and more.
    Colleen, I enjoy scones also, especially with a cup of tea.

  6. You’re welcome Di. One of the first areas I started on was our bathroom cabinet. It was really in pretty good shape and not hard to do, but I can see that it still needs a tweak. Those razor handles – why do I have 4 extras??


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