Day 67: You Can Have Too Much Tupperware.

The item for today is a pair of Tupperware Deli Keepers which you might be forgiven for thinking that I would just donate to charity as I have done with the majority of the stuff I have already offloaded. I have discovered though that it is a good idea to investigate how certain items perform on eBay before deciding what is to become of them. As you can see from my list of sold items that I have managed to auction off all the accessories of my Kenwood mixer in order to raise the cash to replace the mixer that died on me some time ago. eBay can be a very useful tool to utilise on this purging mission so long as you use it correctly. Do your homework first and check out how similar items are performing at auction before deciding if this is a good option or you might end up just wasting money on insertion fees.


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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. True, my latest draft is about this very thing 🙂

    • Hi Francesca,
      I have been purging more Tupperware lately. I have used the stash it method to decide whether I really need them or not. I am backing not but I intend to eBay them so out of sight out of mind for the time being.

  2. We don’t really have a lot of tupperware. In fact, I have just bought some new containers! I have been through our plasticware a couple of times and it is pretty much culled down to where I want it…by the way I am going through your archives so I might comment on more posts as I go! This is my favourite blog and has been for some time!

  3. Hi Colleen, I discovered your site a couple of days ago and as with many other people, it has me hooked! Wanted to start from day 1 but could not find it, so have read a few random posts going by the titles and links. Just found day 64 to be the beginning, so thought I’d stop and say hi :-). I’m from India and indians by and large can be quite the hoarders. In my family, between my parents and myself we had and still have way too many things lying around that we don’t need or don’t use or at least haven’t in years. Yet we hold on to them. I have spent a lot of time reading about clutter, if only I invested at least half that time to action and cleared my own clutter! I’m truly inspired by your simplified one day and one thing at a time approach. We have been decluttering over the past two years, but intermittently. Still a very long way to go!

    • Hi Sue and welcome to 365 Less Things. You wouldn’t be the first to go looking for Day 1 and you won’t be the last. Well done finding Day 64 on your own. You also wouldn’t be the first person to waste more time reading about decluttering rather than just getting on with it. Just make sure you spend you ten minutes a day choosing your declutter item before you spend any time reading my blog. 😉

      I watched a documentary staring Kevin McCloud on the Mumbai Slums and was so impressed by the extent to the recycling that goes in that area of India. Just about no solid matter goes to waste. I am not sure of the health risks to the workers at the recycling plants though which is a concern. You should check it out if you haven’t already seen it.

      Anyway good luck with your decluttering and I looking forward to your future comments and to hear about your progress.