Day 93 Your views on decluttering

Today I just wanted to point out that just below the photo for each days Post there is a tiny word “comments”, if you click on that you have the opportunity to leave feedback,  share your stories or even mention an area of decluttering you might like help with.

I would love to hear from you and appreciate your tips and views.

Yesterday I had a comment from Janetta who has been inspired to start decluttering again. She is even reducing by  a bag of things some days because they are only small items.  As I have said before “Every Little Thing Counts” whether alone or by the bag.

Below is a list of small thing that I used today to make a Reusable Car Bingo Game for my niece and nephews.

  • 2 Laptop Screen Protectors
  • 2 sheets of chipboard
  • 3 Sheets of coloured paper
  • 4 whiteboard markers
  • Screen clean sachet
  • Plastic Box

These were all excess items and resources taking up space in our office/craft room. The screen protectors were from a laptop we no longer have. The whiteboard markers were from a stockpile no doubt at risk of going dry and useless in the drawer waiting to be used.

I am sure the kids will be thrilled with the result and I am happy to have purged yet a few more things.

Here is the photo of the Bingo Game I made for the kids.
Car bingo

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  1. I really enjoy your blog. I took your 365 thing challenge and have already hit 416 items gone and it is only April 22nd! I think I’ll go for 500.

    • Well done Betty. It is amazing how much stuff we have that is just a waste of space. It feels so good when it goes though doesn’t it?