Day147 No use whining someone had to do it!

When we first returned to Australia after living overseas for some years there were a few household appliances that need replacing. As luck would have there was a Homemakers Expo on in our new location soon after we arrived so we attended hoping to get educated on what were the best appliances to suit our needs. To cut a long story short the only thing we came out of it with was a membership to the Wine Selectors Club.

As a result every three months a dozen bottles of wine, six red and six white, would appear on our doorstep. this isn’t a large quantity to keep up with but we don’t drink much only on social occasions and maybe a bottle every now and again together just as a treat. Then my husband moved 500km away for eleven months due to work commitments. Needless to say the wine started to build up with only one person at home to drink it and less social events to attend at weekends because we took the time to enjoy each others company as it was in short supply.

We decided to cancel our membership but at that point we had accumulated at least a few dozen bottles mostly red. Life being as it is my husband then went to work overseas for four months and that just left me at home to take care of things. When I decided to make a start on the decluttering quest one of the things that soon caught my eye was this stash of wine. So I took it upon myself to make an effort to slowly but surely reduce the number.

There was the odd social events to attend to which I took along a bottle or two and I gave a few bottles as gifts. However the stockpile was still quite large so I felt it was my duty to make the sacrifice to polish off several myself all in the line of duty of course. Yes I know, it’s was a tough job but someone had to do it. Sometimes decluttering is far from being a chore and in my defence I didn’t include any of the wine in the 365 less things.

Now there are just four bottles in the cabinet, quite a manageable number and when they run out we will just buy wine as we want it so it doesn’t accumulate again.


We dug up another snowboard from the murky depths of the garage cupboard and sold it on eBay for $33.00. Our son was very happy as we gave him the proceeds because it was his board and he is a poor art student.

Snowboard 2

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Cook with it!

  2. Brave and generous woman to be so self sacrificing!

    • I know Willow, I am truely a champion amoung women and should be looked up to with awe!!! lol It really pays to have a sense of humour it makes life so much more enjoyable.

  3. When we lived in Germany there was an Italian takeout place we loved. They always brought a free bottle of wine with the meal. We hardly ever drank it and always forgot to ask them not to bring it. We gave it all to the movers when we packed up to come back to America.

  4. Good job Colleen!!!!