Day 98 Garden Downsize

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  • Day 68: It Never Snows Here, So We Sold the Snowboard A change of living location can render some items in your home useless due to variation in things like climate, living space, geography etc . For example, a snow shovel becomes redundant […]
  • Mini Mission ~ Thursday 21Dec2017 Declutter your fridge of out of date items or by using up as much as possible before adding more. With the holiday season here you will likely need every inch of spare space.
  • You just never know. Firstly I would just like to apologise for my recent extended absence from the blog this month. Unfortunately my mother took ill and I rushed off interstate to visit her in hospital and to […]
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  1. :: If you should accidently write on a whiteboard with perminent marker just scribble over it with the whiteboard marker and it should rub right off. ::

    And if you can be a forgetful person and you leave it there… Rubbing alcohol works wonders. After it dries, go over it with water of window spray and voila…

    • Thanks for the tip Carrie B. I always check out peoples blogs before I write my replies and I did the same with you. Random acts for kindness are a wonderful thing and are as rewarding to the person performing them as they are to the receiver. I’ll be going back to read more.