Grandmother Stuff

These are some items my grandson has well and truly outgrown, so off to the thrift shop they go. It is always good to have a few items on hand when one has grandchildren because sometime they visit for the day and then con grandparents into staying longer😊. These items probably should have been culled sooner, but he has such a little bum that they would do in a pinch. So I had tucked them away in the linen closet and forgotten about them. He is about to turn five and was toilet trained a long time ago so off to the thrift store they go.

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  1. I can’t believe he is almost 5! Where has the time gone. I’d love to see a picture. Send it in an email or on Facebook.

  2. I recently got rid of toys & games for young kids. My grandkids are in their 20’s. All I can is time flies!