Mini Mission Monday ~ Is your clutter bothering someone else?

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. These are great mini missions. I think it is helpful to ask others what they think.

    You did a good job hiding the true identity of the object.

    • Hi Deb J,
      have fun with those mini missions it is a good way to open up some communication as well as getting a little decluttering done. Glad you enjoyed to What Am I, they are always fun. I couldn’t believe Di was so accurate.

  2. Nice! I never would have guessed but I’m not very “up” on kitchen gadgets.

  3. Nice set of mini missions. Good job Colleen.

    • Hi Cindy,
      thanks for the inspiration for the mini missions this week. It was actually that funny little jibe at you from your mom that delivered this idea into my head. I hope you have fun with them.

  4. Perfect challenges this week -= given mum said on the weekend that she doesn’t think my room looks very uncluttered! (well i did get rid of two stacks of her magazines that were on top of the bookshelf in my room). I think the key to an uncluttered look is nothing on surfaces, so I will work on that.

    Meanwhile, my Thursday desk clean up was well noted by a collegue (who usually sees more of a horizontal paper wall paper affect!!) I even cleared out the drawers (again) to have less, taking red pens home for the teachers to use.

    • Hi Snosie,
      I am glad you like this week’s missions. Don’t discount your mum’s opinion, delve a little deeper and ask her what she thinks would look better. It can be a little confronting and you may not agree at first but consider what she has to say because it may open your mind up to possibilities.

      Well done with the desk. I wish my son would declutter his dest there is more space taken up with clutter than there is space to actually work on his uni subjects. He does love having all his little trinkets out where he can see them though wich is a good thing really because they would truly be clutter if he just stashed them away somewhere.

  5. I am so proud – one month on from clearing all clutter from the floor in our living room and no new piles have appeared! I actually put in my diary for one month’s time(i.e. today) to clear the space again, to stop the mess getting too bad! My dear H2B has excelled himself. He has been rewarded:O).
    Off topic from today but the good principles from this blog are working: as I may have mentioned, lol, I am getting married this friday…I had decided to buy a little trug (a traditional type of wooden basket) for my lovely little bridemaid to carry our rings in.
    However, went to by one last week and 1a) they were twice the price I was expecting and b) I didn’t actually love them. Liked, but not totally loved. And then I thought, but what would I use it for after and where would it go?
    So I didn’t buy one in the end. Got a cheap little purple satin tiny cushion for a 1/4 of the price and my bridesmaid will love it and and keep it, so no clutter for me or the risk of future sentimental clutter (“I can’t get rid on that, it was part of our wedding”). Result.
    And I think the key to that result was understanding the term ‘sentimental clutter’ and the thinking before bringing anything new in to the house. All as a result of this blog just daily reinforcing the new thinking.
    Thanks everyone.

    • Hi Katharine,
      I was ploughing through your old comments just the other day trying to find out if you ever mentioned when the wedding was going to be because I knew it was coming up soon. Now I know. Congratulation again and I hope you have a beautiful day and a wonderful life together. Well done on the floor clutter I think you might have got him trained just in time. You made a good choice with the cushion and it is a good example of thinking before you add anything to your life that could become sentimental clutter. Well done and once again have a beautiful day on Friday.

      • Many thanks Colleen. We are marrying on the Autumn equinox, but we are planning to have a very long Indian Summer together :O)

    • Hi Katharine,
      I recall your updates on wedding plans that you have shared with us, and I just want to say I think you are doing a great job with planning your wedding to avoid the “clutter of tradition”. And I am very impressed with your “no new piles” as both my husband and I are “pilers” and I know how hard this is – it must be a very, very good feeling! …Enjoy your special day Friday, and may you have many years of joy together …

      • Many thanks Jo. 3 days to go and I am actually sitting here twiddling my thumbs (is that an Internationally known expression or just British?) as everything for the wedding is now organised.

        • Hi Katharine,
          we certainly say Twiddling my thumbs in Australia. Better to be twiddling your thumbs than getting itchy feet. 😆

        • Hey Katharine, I’m from one of the colonies (Canada) haha, so I am familiar with this expression also! Good for you for having everything ready ahead!

  6. I love these mini-missions although I fear it will be another six months to a year before I could ask these of anyone else in my house with a straight face – I see only too clearly what has yet to be accomplished! But someday I WILL get to this point, and I WILL use this suggestion.

    • Hi Jo,
      be brave there are only three days in the week where you have to involve anyone else in the decision making process. Surely your family aren’t that scary. 🙂

      • What I was thinking was that I needed to be “finished” with fixing what I could see were problem areas, before asking for family opinions … but I am realizing I only need to ask them a slightly different question. Instead of asking if they see something I missed, instead I could ask – which cluttered spot bothers you most? It will be interesting to get their answers. (and I will commit to doing those areas next)