Mini Mission Monday ~ Long time clutter

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  1. I’m taking the plunge on some sentimental items this week…out the door with handmade gifts from family and friends over the years …things I’m tired of or never liked anyway…I still love the thoughts that inspired the gifts, which means much more than the objects anyway…

    Happy Easter!

  2. Don’t forget you can always take a photograph of sentimental items before you pass them on. I have several pictures of my DD holding things she made for me at school. The look on her face in each is worth so much and if I haven’t kept the item I still have the photo and the memory!

  3. After much research, I decided to buy a Filofax because I thought that would be the solution to my organisational problem. Turns out it really was just the clutter causing me to be disorganised, and I’ve barely used the Filofax. So now I’m trying to pluck up the courage to sell the Filofax, knowing how much I paid for it and how little I will probably be able to sell it for.

    • Hi Susan,
      I would just focus on the cup half full side of this senario ~ discovering the fact that once the clutter is gone the organising almost takes care of itself. Taking a loss on the filofax is small payment for that great lesson.

  4. Oh, and I have a passionfruit vine that I wrestle with keeping under control just because the flowers, fleeting as they are, are the one of the most beautiful flowers I have ever seen.

    • Hi Susan,
      they are beautiful aren’t they. There is one on a fence down the street from my house. I will have to take my camera and get some photos as the flowers are out right now.

  5. I planted what we call a passion vine (as thing) in the garden over the weekend. I bought (yes, bought! the shock! the scandle!) and old decorative metal shelving unit that looks like green bamboo but didn’t have any of its glass shelves any more. I planted it in my garden and planted the passion vine at its base. It’s going to be lovely, and passion vine is a host plant for Gulf Fritillary butterflies, at least where I live.

  6. I love these (I think I say that every week); they touch on pretty universal clutter issues. I was just blogging about “I might need it; it reminds me of something special; I paid good money for it.” Thank you for reminding me that there is more to do than blog about it!! Take Action!

    I am guilty of keeping *my* childhood things for the potential of future children I don’t even know if I want. So those of us who are childless can take THAT ONE into consideration on Sunday!! I just put 3 of my favorite childhood novels into the book-selling box, because I have fond memories of my favorite scenes from them, I don’t need to read them again, and even if they are out of print there is no guarantee that my potential future child would be interested in them, anyway! I also got rid of a 4th book by the same author that I never got around to reading as a child, got obsessed with obtaining a few years ago, and still never picked up – I even stored it at my in-laws for 2+ years. Clutter in the first degree!

    • Hi Liina,
      we can easily get emotionally attached to our stuff and think that it will be important to others as well, which is often a huge mistake. I met a woman at our local flea market a few weeks ago who was selling all her crystal and china. I thought she must have bought to sell but the huge quantity of stuff she had was all hers. She said she decided to sell it because her children told her that they were just going to hire a skip and toss it all away when she died. It seemed like such an awful thing to say to their mother and she was suitably appalled. But later I got to thinking that maybe they has resorted to that sort of shock tactic to get it through to their mother that they didn’t want the stuff and she would be better off selling it and enjoying the proceeds.

  7. I have decluttered some clothing not so long ago, but there is still a yellow top that can be decluttered, and perhaps something else I oversaw the first round. I am going to do my best this week, love the mini missions!