Mini Mission Monday ~ Nooks & Crannies

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Agh I need a mirror! I ordered one from the UK, because with postage was cheaper than from greater Sydney. Sad, given the environmental impact, but money really does speak louder than words!

    I like the categories you’ve chosen for this week. Really quirkly and probably great clutter places! I found out on Fri my under stair kitchen cupbaords are LOAD BEARING (ie, if I ever redo the kitchen it will be interesting if I need to use those stairs).

  2. Funny you should mention garages… This morning I heard some scritching at my garage door. I gave the door a couple of kicks, whipped it open just in time to see a mouse’s behind skedaddling down the stairs as fast as it could go. First thing decluttered was the electronic mouse repeller, which was merrily buzzing away about 6 feet from said door. Next in the bin will be the licked-clean-of-peanut-butter mouse traps that the critter scooted by on its way to the workshop. I think it might have been a newly-acquired mouse but I’ll have to do a search for nests before one mouse becomes many. (Perhaps in a previous life it was a dog and had been trained to scratch at the door to come in??)

    • We had rats in the roof space once when we lived in America and I just thank God they never got into the inside of our home. We found out they were in the roof space when one died and stunk out the whole house. Glad I didn’t have to pay the thousands of dollars to have all the insulation sucked out anti-pheromone spray put down and replacement of the insulation.

    • I had mice in a 3 bedroom apartment in an old building in the middle of a very urbanized big city. The ratcatcher (we were quite close after 3 years of regular visits) explained to me, that mice came over the roofs, and pipes and little holes and what not. they placed poison boxes (containing a poison that is heart medicine for humans) all over the place. mice didnt come back until my flatmate decided to clean out the traps again, because “I feel uncomfortable living in a flat with so much mouse-poison” – well. needless to say, I prefer the mouse-free flat over the poison-free flat…

  3. I decided to clean my pantry shelf this week from the odds and ends of bulk grains, opened packages of food that hasn’t been used yet, etc. It will keep them from being wasted and clean my shelf at the same time!