Mini Mission – Thursday 14Sep2017

Declutter a couple of items from a cluttered shelf.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. I have promised myself to go through every drawer, shelf, wardrobe and cupboard in my house. Gradually doing that, a bit at a time, shredding paperwork, decluttering “things”, creating two boxes to move on ( good stuff to the Charity shops, less perfect to the upcoming Scouts’ Jumble Sale). Working steadily through, whenever I have a free morning/afternoon and I feel motivated. Surprised at what I’m finding. Three lots of flea powder for the cat who died 13 years ago!!!! Four more Recipe Books , set of casseroles, old ice cream scoop, aprons, condiment set etc etc.

  2. Hi Colleen, and all you 365ers! I’ve been off the radar for a while. Hubby had health issues and I have just been in a lull. I’m back at it now, though. I’ve been through kitchen cabinets and drawers again, old greeting cards (eliminated over 100 more), and photo albums. I had 1 1/2 shredders full of unnecessary photos. Went through a closet and eliminated 6 bed pillows, a bed skirt, foot massager, and a doggie gate to name a few. Lots and lots more, too much to name.

    It gets easier with every pass through! 365 is always my main inspiration! Thanks!

  3. Wow Brenda, you’re on a roll! way to go!
    I need to get back on track, have been lax this summer.

    • Thanks, Calla! If I remember correctly, I think you are far beyond me in decluttering, so it probably doesn’t matter that you were lax this summer.

  4. I cleaned off the bike box in the porch. We got the bike a month ago and thought we’d have to send it back (fortunately they just had to send us a part) so it sat out there and got covered. Did tell me I needed a small table next to the chair to set a drink on.

    Now to put it away so it doesn’t get used for a shelf again! (Why am I keeping a bike box? Because I need to kill off lots of grass next year to put in a garden and it’s an ideal box to do that. Stuffing it in the attic where it’s not going to look like an attractive flat spot, however. That room may get a shelf, but not there and not a cardboard box!)

  5. Hi Colleen

    A quick update: as you know my husband and I will be downsizing next year, moving to a retirement village probably in June.

    I have been decluttering for years now and was feeling quite smug about our minimalist home.

    Well pride comes before a fall they say! The other day we visited an open home of a similar house to the one we will get. I took pictures and really compared the storage space with what we have now. We will have one less bedroom, no walk in wardrobe, one less bathroom and a small single garage compared to the double we have now. And much less cupboard space in kitchen and bathroom.

    Oh my goodness! So now our decluttering has to get serious! In a way it’s good as it is forcing us to take action. Eddy has remade his workbench narrower to fit in the garage and he is sorting out a pile of unusable stuff. We have made a pact to empty and dispose of a cupboard in there (one half is his stuff and one half is cleaning and gardening stuff) by the end of October. He had given me “permission” to pass on four enormous, very thick bath towels, a dehydrator and a pressure cooker, none of which I use, I’ll offer them to the kids, otherwise I’ll donate them. (My one daughter in law, who used to be a pack rat, now informs me proudly that she is decluttering like crazy ).

    I have been through my beading stuff and donated a lot of beads and findings, and also unused containers and various craft items. I tend to keep only the most favourite tools. I used to make quilts for years, I made hundreds but gave up three years ago. I have donated most of my fabric but still have a few favourite pieces left. And my sewing machine of course. I wouldn’t mind giving that away, but I do use it occasionally.

    Oh I could go on and on, but I realise I will have to reduce quite a bit more to fit in comfortably. I will say though, especially to people new to dcluttering, that one item a day really IS the best, and easiest way to declutter as it gives you time to consider carefully and also to dispose of thoughtfully.

    On a side note, I am going through all the archived posts from the beginning, and all the comments, I read one or two an evening. I am up to October 2013! I’m getting a lot out of it and it keeps my motivation high. Thank you for keeping this blog going so long.

    • Janetta, I don’t really envy your forced decluttering, but I do rather envy your downsizing. Isn’t it amazing how you can think you have accomplished so much, and realize there’s still more to go???
      At least, that is how I have felt over these years of decluttering. It sounds like you have made great headway, though, and have a good handle on the future!

      I have wanted to go back to the first of 365 and read through again, also. However, I do not know how to “keep my place marked” on my iPad. I have suggested to Colleen that she start at the beginning and post them all again in order. I would love that. I don’t think I read all the comments originally and that is half the fun.

    • Hi Janetta, just as was you had that nice long cruise vacation to rest up ahead of all this new decluttering. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you.

      • Colleen, can you contact me please? I’ve sent you a couple of messages but haven’t heard back. Thanks, Deanna

        • Hi Deanna! I will start posting my decluttering here since “Declutter with Friends – Let the games begin” ended. Talk soon hopefully! Pat

          • Hi Pat! I’m so glad to hear from you! I didn’t know the declutter game had ended, and I couldn’t contact you. Tried to contact Colleen but still haven’t heard from her. I had wondered too if we should start to post our decluttering here. I have a few to post because I haven’t been able to post on the other thread. Still wish there was some way we could exchange email addresses. Keep in touch friend!

    • Idgy of the North

      Hi Janetta – sounds like you have a really good plan to fit into your new space. This save you a lot of moving expense and aggravation in the coming months. Good for you!

      You have helped to inspire me to push further. In a few years, we plan to downsize when the kids are grown. We have been talking about the ideal size of apartment for us when we become empty nesters. Our ideal is less than a third of our current home size. We have a lot of work ahead of us to try to reduce our possessions to fit our planned space.

  6. Hmm, no shortage of full shelves here, both in the open and behind closed doors.
    For this mission I added 2 cookbooks, and 2 recipe magazines to my donation box.