Mini Mission ~ Thursday 21Dec2017

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  • Mini Mission ~ Friday 22Dec2017 Declutter a couple of old shabby shoes that you no long choose to use.
  • Mini Mission ~ Tuesday 19Dec2017 Start a trial separation on an item or two that you are on the fence about letting go. Put this/these items in a out of the way place where you won't encounter them on a daily basis and […]
  • Mini Mission ~ Wednesday 20Dec2017 Declutter by recycling some items. That mound ofused takeout containers, old newspapers and magazines, paperwork that needs shredding, glass jars you set aside in case you have a use for […]
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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. What a coincidence! Just did this job yesterday to make room for Christmas grocery shopping tomorrow.

  2. My fridge is not full or needing cleaned out because I have to eat fresh or fis fresh and freeze myself. It doesn’t stay in the fridge long. Today I made the mexican shredded chicken I use to make lettuce wraps or chicken taco salad. When I freeze it there will be enough for about 8 meals. Sending a picture of my fridge by email.

  3. Didn’t do my fridge, but did my spice cupboard instead.
    Asking a friend that loves to bake if she wants an unopened bottle of Tahitian vanilla, unopened small jar of whole cloves.
    Dumped a container of unsweetened cocoa powder, the only number I found on it was 2k, could that possibly mean 2000…I don’t remember last time it was was used so a real possibility. Oh my! Lol