Silly Season Series ~ Consumable Gifts by Moni Gilbert

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  1. Raesha de Ruiter Zylker

    OH these all sound so delicious!!! I’ve made a really concerted effort this year for consumable gift giving, or at the least something that won’t add to clutter!!

  2. I have to say, living here in a hostel in Wellington, NZ with the planet between me and everyone I’d normally be giving gifts to/getting them from… it’s incredibly relaxing. And I have friends here, but no crazy gift exchanges. I might make some cards, though that won’t take long.

    On-topic, a Swedish friend here taught me a recipe for Swedish Chocolate Balls… so very simple, it doesn’t even need an oven to make. (Perfect for a hostel!) It’s already become my favourite dessert recipe, I’ll share if anyone wants.

  3. I’d like the recipe for chocolate balls!

  4. Idgy of the North

    The kids made the shortbread cookies a couple of weeks ago. Except they added the flour prior to combining the butter and sugar. Flour everywhere! We packaged the cookies into holiday themed cardboard take out containers. They are handing them out to their grandparents, aunts and uncles when we see them over the holidays. FYI – the cookies freeze really well (and taste good frozen).

  5. OMG this is just awesome. I have had the hardest working staff the past three days due to a tornado ripping through a part of southern Sydney, and I was thinking ‘how can I thank them’ and I think recipe 2 and 3 might work very well to scale up to my guys (40+).

  6. Just going off topic here, does anyone keep the service programme from funerals? My husband keeps them in a folder, and unfortunately seems to have quite a collection from the last five years or so. Its not the sort of thing that I would keep but was wondering if anyone does?

    • Hi Moni! When I was going through my Mother’s stuff last week, I found several of her programs in my file for her. I didn’t keep them though. I wouldn’t be surprised if I still have programs from my brothers also…I guess just those who were very dear to me. My guess for myself…when you lose someone very close, for awhile everything connected to that person is very dear.