Simple Saturday ~ One readers story

A decluttering story from Debbie from Alberta Canada I came across your website last year and proceeded to read backwards through the archives. I follow several blogs on minimalism; but yours has really helped me the most with my steps towards minimalism. One thing I thought I'd share is my 'ah ha' moment last year when our house we had listed for sale here in Canada took a long time to sell. It was at an overwhelming time for us as we had purchased a great house in a great location that we were renovating while we were trying to sell the house we were living in. In order to declutter our Continue reading

Guest Post ~ An exercise in truth telling

A Guest Post by Cecily Paterson 365 Less things has inspired Cecily to begin her own decluttering journey. She lives in a small town of 1500 people and last month started a column in her local monthly newspaper called 123 Out, all about getting rid of unneeded stuff. And this is her story... When I first started on my decluttering journey I thought that it would be a simple matter of removing items from my house. I was wrong. Getting rid of things I don't need or want has been an exercise in truth telling. I had an idea that when I came to a pair of jeans that have been sitting in my Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Andréia’s declutter story

Andréia's Declutter Story I must confess I am a pack-rat. I used to keep all sorts of papers in my office and home. When I got married we rented this three bedroom house. There was the master bedroom which is ours and two other single’s bedrooms. We both moved out of our parents house, have never lived on our own. So he brought all his stuff, that was kept in a 8square meter bedroom to a 90 square meter house. I did just the same. Oh, the space to be filled!!! That was in 2003. We filled the entire house with furniture, old computer parts, papers (lots and lots of it), and all sorts of Continue reading