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Stumbling Blocks to Success

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom We all want to succeed. We all want  a clutter-free, clean, and peaceful home. Yet sometimes we struggle. What are some of the stumbling blocks to success? Making Excuses Instead Starting "I'd like to start." "I'll get around to it soon." "When things settle down, I'll declutter." Those are excuses, and if you're using them, they're getting in the way of your success. One of the beauties of one-thing-a-day decluttering is that it hardly takes any time, especially in the beginning. In the beginning (which is when excuses are their strongest) nearly anything you touch Continue reading

See the cup half full side of your clutter

Sometimes when you visualise the declutter task ahead it is easy to focus just on the sheer size of the task. How much there is to move, the logistics involved in disposing of it responsibly and how on earth you are going to find the time to deal with it. These would have been my thoughts too had the brilliant plan of tackling it slowly but surely not popped into my head on the third of January 2010. Admittedly I wasn't overrun with clutter but it was there hiding in every storage space in the house. To begin with, in 2007, when we moved into this house it was stacked two packing cartons high Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday ~ What will be will be

Mini Mission Monday is about finding ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy and "fun" for you to achieve some quick decluttering. Since you all enjoyed the seven REs last week I thought I might follow it up with seven BEs this week.  Monday - Be realistic ~ Declutter an item of clothing today that no longer fits, is probably never coming back into fashion or really never suited you. Tuesday - Be courageous ~ Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Scary Halloween

  The October issue of Real Simple magazine reveals a grim statistic: 6,250 tons of landfill waste “could be avoided if half the kids in America traded Halloween costumes instead of buying new ones.” That the equivalent to the the weight of more than 3,000 mid-sized cars! Be sure and swap, sell or donate this year's costume. Did you know there's an official Halloween costume swap day? Of course it's already passed, but you can mark your calendar for next year's swap. Continue reading

Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 4 Nov 2011

On Fridays at 365 Less Things I share with you my five favourite comments from my wonderful readers and my five favourite web finds of the week. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. Fave Five Comments. Enjoy Amy in NY did a great tips round up in this comment of all the points from many of the comments on my post What are you leaving to your family. It is never too soon to get all your ducks in a row and be ready for the inevitable. This comment from Becky @ Decluttering Diva says it all about how much better a decluttered, simpler Christmas can be. It may not be for everyone, some Continue reading

Keepsake Clutter

With all the talk last week of leaving endless clutter behind for a loved one to deal with when you die, I was inspired to finally make a start on my keepsake clutter. I have been ignoring this task in preference for getting rid of the more obvious clutter that is taking up more space. To be honest I have also been avoiding the tediousness of the task. So I decided to practice what I preach and focus on dealing with a little at a time rather than dwelling on the entirety of the task. This sort of clutter takes up a lot less space than it does time to sort through. Therefore I started on the Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Observations on the Church Garage Sale

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom A couple of weeks ago, my church had a huge garage sale, which netted us $6000. I worked Friday putting toys out and pricing them and Saturday afternoon as the sale was winding down, increasingly slashing prices in order to unload the rest of the items before the end of the sale when the Salvation Army truck would swoop down and take the remainder away. On Friday, while I was pricing toys, I was almost weak in the knees when a truck pulled up with trash bag after trash bag of the nicest toys you can imagine. The woman who was unloading them explained that they were from Continue reading

I love Freecycle ~ Have you tried it yet?

I have three main methods of disposal when it come to rehousing my clutter. I donate most of my items to the thrift store. I have used the same thrift store since the beginning of my declutter mission and now I volunteer there as well. I sell items that I feel inclined to recoupe my losses on, by auctioning them on ebay. It is a love hate relationship but all in all I have done pretty well out of it. And then there is This is my go to place for when I am trying to responsibly dispose of items that are not appropriate for the thrift store or that are too awkward to sell Continue reading