Sabotaging your efforts ~ By Doodle

Are there things you do to sabotage your de-cluttering goals? I got the idea for this post after reading “No More Clutter” by Sue Kay. She suggests the following as ways we undermine our decluttering efforts: Do you focus on how much there is left to do rather than how much you have achieved? Do you find your self apologising a lot to others and calling yourself lazy and other derogatory names rather than defining yourself in more positive language and a ‘work in progress’. Do you throw away essential things that then prove how risky decluttering is? Do you create such a Continue reading

The exception to every rule by Doodle

Those of us who have been decluttering for a while, know the general principles laid out below: 1)If you haven’t worn it for a year, then it possibly needs to go. 2)Don’t buy clothes you need to lose weight to look good in.  Don’t keep clothes there isn’t a realistic chance of fitting into in the next year. 3)If you haven’t touched an unfinished creative project for 2 years, it’s fair to say you probably never will. I think these are great principles but of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and I’ve just experienced 2 of them, so I shall confess… Here’s Continue reading

Playing the game

I find myself frequently playing a game with my stuff,: would I take this with me if I was moving house? If the answer is no, my things are then divided into two groups 1) Get rid of it 2) I’m happy to hang on to this for now (e.g. craft supplies than are all neatly stored that I may use in a few years).With these things I decide to keep, the game is, I think, helping me to detach myself more and more from many of my belongings,  so it will be easy to let go of them when I really need to. Though the true ‘proof of the pudding’ will of course be is I ever move. In fact the increasing Continue reading

New Year inspiration by Doodle

So, it’s the New Year, a time to look forward with new plans and hopes. I’ve often wondered if the New Year has different significance in different parts of the world. (Of course many cultures and religions have dates different to the Western world use of January 1st). Here in the UK, in the northern hemisphere, January 1st,  is the traditional time for people to start diets and new exercising regimes – ironically at probably hardest time of the year to do so as winter is just kicking in and it gets dark by 4.30 pm. as does the need for warming comfort food. Historically, in this Continue reading