Declutter With Friends: Let the games begin! Part 2

The following post was published previously however it has reached it’s comment capacity. As there are still readers who are enjoying participating Nicole has come up with solution of republishing it so the game can continue. Maybe reposting will also entice a few more players. Enjoy!

A guest post by: Nicole V

Do you know the word game in which a player begins with a word in a particular category (countries or cities, for instance), with subsequent players taking turns to say a new word that begins with the final letter of the previous word? Once a word has been given, it cannot be repeated and any player who is unable to come up with a word is out of the game. It is usually referred to as the ‘Last and First’, ‘Last Letter Game’ or ‘Last Letter Word Chain’ although I’m sure there must be other names for it. Well, I was thinking that it might be fun for us 365ers to try out something similar while decluttering, but I wanted to make it a more challenging game, one involving quick thinking and action and one in which anyone can come in at any time and make a quick play in real-time. I decided to throw down the decluttering gauntlet and wait to see who is the fastest 365er to take up the challenge. Here’s what I came up with:

1. I begin by decluttering three forks from a drawer.

2. Whoever is fast enough then continues the game by quickly thinking of and finding an item to declutter from any one category – either number or item or place – to play in. This could be eitherthree items (but not forks) or an item beginning with the letter ‘k’ or ‘s’ (the second last or last letter of forks*) or any number of anything (that is not a fork) from any drawer. If you select the number category, you have to declutter identical items. So, if Colleen is the quickest player who is able to continue the game, she could then either declutter three bowls or one (or any number) kettle orspoon or a non-fork item from any drawer in her home. She will then update the rest of us in the online comment thread.

*In the case of plural nouns, you can use either the last or second last letter of the word to continue under the item category – in the case of the forks, this would mean that the next item can begin with the letter ‘s’ or ‘k’. Thank you, Colleen, for your input regarding this.

3. The game continues with any 365er who is quick to identify something to declutter and comment about. There is no need for the item to leave your home immediately, you just need to identify it and earmark it for decluttering (whether you donate, recycle, shred, etc) as soon as possible. But you have to be quick on the draw as the categories will keep changing depending on how fast another 365er declutters something and updates the rest of us about it. If another 365er has read the latest update and quickly decluttered something and updated the online comment thread before you were able to list your item, you’ll have to either:

(a) Recategorize your item under one of the other two categories, if possible, or

(b) Keep that item and jump in on another round or

(c) Quickly look for another suitable item that relates to the current round and play it before someone else does.

4. To keep it interesting, items cannot be repeated in consecutive turns – if someone declutters shoes, the next person cannot declutter shoes as well (and must find another item that begins with the letter ‘e’ or ‘s’) but the person after that can. The number of items decluttered and the place or room that the item was decluttered from can, of course, be repeated in consecutive turns.

5. Be as creative and imaginative as you can possibly be (or get away with!) regarding the categories and have fun!

So, with apologies to Effie Trinket, all that’s left is for me to say: “Happy Decluttering Games and may the odds be ever in your favour!”

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. (1) container of oats from cabinet

  2. (1) envelope of expired vehicle registrations, insurance cards, etc. from truck

  3. (1) box of cookies from cabinet
    (1) box of hot chocolate mix from (cabinet)

  4. (1) online subscription from iPad

    I was not enjoying it…or even reading it regularly

  5. (1) book from car

  6. (1) tee shirt from hubby’s drawer

  7. Great job, keep going, Pat & Deanna! I’m spending less time online and am enjoying reading books.

    • Thanks for checking in, Nicole! I’ve been wondering about you. Glad you’re enjoying reading time.

  8. (1) bag of plastic dinnerware from pantry

    DH’s sis, along with her daughter and family came for a quick visit as they headed on their vacation. Plasticware was the one thing they had forgotten. I had lots from our years of RV traveling. I still have a lot left to give our friends who own a boat and enjoy spending time on the lake.

  9. 2 pairs of (e)xercise shorts from my closet
    1 ax from DH’s (closet)
    (1) deer antler from DH’s (closet)

    Our company included 2 children ages 11 and 6. We were out shopping a couple of days before when DH told me he saw something he thought the 6 year old would like. He showed me…it was a teddy bear, and it was a real bargain. I thought Ugh…that’s just clutter! However, I felt we should follow through with his idea. She LOVED it. She never put it down, she named it right away, she slept with it that night. It may eventually be clutter…but not today! DH’s gift to the 11 year old was a hit too…an axe to be used for camping and a deer antler.

  10. (1) keychain from hubby’s lair
    (1) container of facial wipes from closet
    (1) cosmetic bag from (closet)
    5 partial bottles of snore relief from (closet)

    Yay! I’ve been doing more shuffling around than decluttering today. I still have a LOT of Tupperware that is not currently used. I took it out of my pantry and stored it (for now) in a closet elsewhere. To do that , I had to store the stuff on that shelf (bathing suits, cover ups, etc.) in a drawer I had previously emptied of pictures. I hope this is progress. Sometimes when it’s out of sight for awhile it’s easier to donate it later.

  11. 1 athletic shirt from my (closet)

    • Wow Dianna you are doing great! Feels so good when you give away items that other people appreciate! We are just back from a trip to Niagara Falls. First time for the family so it was exciting. I am already making a pile of maps and info to throw away tomorrow. I value the pictures(memories) from the trip. Bough only post cards which I will write to friends and family. Except for email and this game I do not do social media – even cell phone is off. Peace. Also Hi to Nicole!!!!

  12. 3 shampoos from (closet)

  13. 1 (s)wim suit from hubby’s (closet)

  14. (1) pair of pants from hubby’s drawer

  15. (1) cup from son’s box

  16. (1) mirror from drawer

  17. (1) candle from shelf

  18. (1) golf bag from garage
    (1) pair of (g)olf shoes from bag

    Family golfing yesterday – son got his first birdie – weather was cool and nice!

  19. (1) belt from closet

  20. (1) pool (t)oy from shed

    We are closing the pool – cool summer.

  21. Sept 9 will be 2 years of us playing “Declutter with Friends”.
    Deanna – are you still playing?

  22. Hi Pat, I don’t know. I’m not out, but obviously I’m not decluttering an item a day. I will always be decluttering, but I’m doing it in small spurts now. I may be hung up with things I can’t let go of yet. I honestly don’t know. I’m not worried about it because I’m full of decluttering…I think about it and I read about it every day…I’m just not doing much right now. What are your thoughts about the game?

    • Hey Deanna – so glad you are still here. I got worried that I lost you. I’m going to keep posting my clutter releases here. It’s still fun. 2 years is awesome! I see my clutter better because of this game. Otherwise I would get lazy and let items lie in place for more years. Items deserve to be wanted and used plus I get credit for this game! We all need breaks from this game as life gets full in many ways. I always enjoy reading what you declutter and how it pertains to your day. Some day we must exchange email address via Colleen. Nichole too. Please stay in the game at your own pace and take breaks as they happen. Night friend!

  23. Hi Pat…what a great post!

    I’m here. I check 365 every day. I enjoy interacting with you two. I also read Colleen’s missions every day. I’m glad you’re going to keep posting here. I will too. I can’t believe it’s been almost 2 years. And I donated soooo many more things before I found Colleen’s site, but I still have a LOT to go. I have no intention of stopping. I’m just kind of letting it run itself now…when I think of something or notice something, I declutter it…kind of going in waves. I have some things put out of sight, and I’ll probably gradually get rid of some of them. I also always have a partially filled donation box and take the contents to a local thrift shop sporadically. Back at the beginning I was taking so much stuff so frequently that the shop owners asked if we were moving.

    I just sent a message to Colleen asking her to send you and Nichole my email address. If either of you don’t want to share yours, that’s fine. I would love to have a way to contact you directly though.

  24. (1) set of vice pads from garage

  25. (1) stepladder from (garage)

  26. 2 pieces of metal from (garage)

    …used for roof repairs

  27. 1 broom from (garage)