Experiment with going without

Sometimes, when it comes to the stuff around our homes, we continue to own things just because we always have. To have them has literally become a habit. Fortunately any habit that has been created can also be broken. There are two ways that you can experiment with breaking the ownership habit. The first, which we have spoken of in the past, is to have a trial separation from a selection of your stuff. Choose things that you are on the fence about decluttering, then put them away somewhere out of sight for a selected period of time. If you haven't had the need for these objects during the Continue reading


I have experienced examples lately on how clutter can lead to disorganisation which in turn causes more clutter. Actually, in the cases I am thinking of, the clutter is useful and used stuff but in such abundance that it ends up scattered making items hard to find. This can then lead to acquiring more of the same because of the mistaken idea that things have run out. Of course this isn't something new to me, I have written about it more than once already. However it is worth a repeat mention on a regular basis. My own craft supplies can get like this at times. Usually due to the fact that I Continue reading

Habits ~ A guest post by Wendy F

I was fortunate to meet up and become friends with Colleen after starting reading her blog.   She has 'enlightened ' me greatly and we laugh a lot. I will try and keep it simple, this is just my take on a bit of my declutter journey. HABITS The Habits I have changed over the last few years and the new ones I have embraced in my declutter journey. No Junk Mail. A simple sign that attached to my mailbox avoids my house being filled with free newspapers and catalogues from every store in town. Result ~ massive clutter saver and removes any temptation to go and purchase items in Continue reading

Avoiding a cluttered wardrobe

I'll be the first to admit that I am no fashion expert. So I am not going to give you any advice on what clothes to shop for. However, what I am going to share with you today are tips that I think will help you to avoid a wardrobe cluttered with clothes that you don't wear. So without further adieu I will give you my opinions on ways to avoid adding clothing clutter. Don't insist on keeping up with the trends. Trends are all about changing whats "in fashion" in a  ploy to keep you buying whether you need new clothes or not. So don't be a sucker to consumerism and only buy clothes when Continue reading


Life is, at the very least, punctuated with stressful periods. For some there are no end of stressors almost 24/7 365 days of the year. Mostly this is caused by the complications of life. Past history, current hassles, work obligations, financial issues, family, illness... Boy, this is making me feel depressed just writing about it and my life is quite sweet for the most part. The one thing I have learned from my decluttering experience is that simplification is the key. The more you own the more you have to take care of. The more work the is required from you. And all that acquiring means Continue reading

The hurricane method of decluttering Part III

Well folks I have spent the last two days hectically decluttering and organising for my friend and I have to say it was hard yakka (Australian for hard work). Call me strange but I really enjoyed it and was a little sorry to have to drag myself away so soon when there were still things to be done. I am very happy to be home with my husband though. And extremely grateful for my wonderful apartment that, considering I haven't done my weekly clean for the last two Mondays', was there to welcome me home looking tidy and cleaner than I expected. It will be Monday before I bother to do much in the Continue reading

Why keep cookbooks

Are you one of those people who has a shelf full of cookbooks with the good intention of being experimental in the kitchen but tend to stick to the same tried and true recipes? Or perhaps you are someone who steps that up just a notch by trying a new recipe only once in a while. Then this post is for you. In fact even if you are adventurous in the kitchen then this post may also be for you. Especially if you'd rather spread out your cooks gear than waste space on cookbooks that you don't really need. Or perhaps you are a want-to-be cook who buys foodie magazines and clips recipes that you Continue reading

Adam and Eve

The story of Adam and Eve, I believe, is about more than just defying Gods wishes and giving into temptation. Even many religious people believe this to be a made up story, a parable if you will, to make a point. Or even several points, if you read between the lines.  One clear lesson of this parable, that I see, is to be satisfied with what you have and not be forever wanting for more or other things. Given the age of this story, even if made up, it is obvious that people have been inherently greedy for a millennia or more. So why is it that no matter how much we have we are always Continue reading


I wanted to share two comments from yesterday because they are both good examples of rationalising ones belongings. So here they are along with my own thoughts on the subject. From Claire I have been working on Monday’s Mission, glass, for a few weeks now! We moved across country about a year ago and even though I had given away probably half of what we owned we still moved way too much stuff – we had over 80 boxes for 2 people, yikes! I found that kitchen items were at least 1/3 of those boxes. And also that everything glass took up twice the space in boxes because it had to be wrapped Continue reading


Way back in the early days of my decluttering mission I wrote a post about keeping it simple. I stand by those words to this day and have pasted them below for you to study again. Here they are... Do SIMPLE things to improve your way of life. Keep your spending SIMPLE .buy what you need not things that just clutter up your space. Eat a more SIMPLE diet choose fresh ingredients that aren’t enveloped in wasteful packaging. Choose recipes that are SIMPLE to create using ingredients that can be used in subsequent meals so nothing goes to waste. Enjoy SIMPLE pleasures like Continue reading