Children and alternative gift giving

Quite a few of my readers have mentioned on different occasions that they have friends and relatives that give their children far too many "clutter" gifts. No matter how much they insist that this stops the gifts just keep on coming. There are many alternative gift ideas that you could suggest they choose. Unfortunately life sometimes gets away from us and when the time is nigh we can't think of any suggestions to make to these very generous gift givers, that are a great alternative to clutter. In the past I put together a list of alternative gifts with mostly adults in mind. This list is Continue reading

Day 209 Birthday unclutter

Yesterday  was my son's 19th birthday and what did I buy him? NOTHING. Yes that is right nothing at least not material things that linger around for years to come. Being a young person he is not rolling in cash so he received the one thing he needed, money. You may be thinking "what kind of unthoughtful mother is she not even making an effort for her own son's birthday". Well I didn't say I didn't make an effort. Before I went to work I baked him a lovely chocolate cake with yummy chocolate ganache frosting. I don't keep candles and that sort of stuff any more but I made a cute happy Continue reading