The Social Networking/Surfing Dilemma by Deb J

The Social Networking/Surfing Dilemma A Guest Post by Deb J Even though I only check my email and Facebook 3 times a day, I am finding I spend more time than I would like on both.  I don’t spend much time “surfing the net.”  Texting is not a problem because I only use my cell phone for emergencies.  The emails are few and mostly have to do with business type things.  I have been able to get my name off most email lists other than for those like my doctors, Mom’s doctors, our bank, and my credit card. I really do not have a huge number of people I keep up with on Facebook, yet I Continue reading

Fourth Thursdays with Deb J ~ Does Your Home Match Your Lifestyle

How do you live your life? Are you a person like me who used to have an active, busy life with work and other outside interests but now you spend the majority of your time at home? Do you have children at home or did you recently become an “empty nester”? What is your life like today? It took my mother and me awhile to realize that our home no longer matched our lifestyle. I think it took longer for Mom than it did me but it was true. We had changed. Our lives had changed. Mom was always a very active person who entertained people in her home, was very involved in activities at our Continue reading

My Clothing Dilemma ~ A Guest Post by Moni Gilbert

It goes against all my principles, but I am considering putting clothes, that no longer fit me, into storage. I know! Shock, horror, gasp! It is all because of an argument going on in my head. There is one side of my brain which is yelling at me saying "What the heck? Did we not go through this last year? Did you not pull down from the ceiling storage, boxes and boxes of clothes in assorted sizes and assorted eras, and proceeded to get rid of them all? Did you not participate in Project 333 and swore never to go back? Did you not encourage other 365'ers facing a similar situation to let go of Continue reading

Saturday Extra ~ A Guest post by Andréia

The 10 year old outfit I never thought I would write a text about an outfit. Especially not the one in this photograph, because the only relevance it has in my life is that it was never worn. I bought this outfit in 2003, it was Autumn. It is a winter outfit. The skirt and blouse are of a hot fabric (sweating is not an option or it would stick and get smelly, even in winter) and it was very stiff, not allowing much movements. But I am making excuses for myself. I knew all of this when I tried the outfit at the store. I remember very clearly the day I bought this outfit, because it was the Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Clutter with eyes update

Remember back in October one of our fellow 365ers needed our advice on getting go of her clutter with eyes. Read about it here. Well this week she sent us and update that she wanted me to share with you all. Here is what Chrissie had to say... This is some update on my efforts concerning things with eyes. Feel free to publish if you like to. I am progressing! Not as fast as I wish to but anyway progress is visible – Especially today! From all the comments of your readers I created little tutorial Helpful actions Involve trusted friend or family member (my hubby and my Mom Continue reading

Moni’s mammoth declutter update – DVD or not to be

As part of my Mammoth Mission I sold my Balinese Dresser and found myself with a heap of DVD's sitting in boxes on my garage floor. I should back up and explain that the majority of the DVD's dated back to my children's earlier years and at that time in our suburb we had the choice of driving 10 minutes each way to rent a DVD for $15 overnight or buying one from TWH two minutes up the road for $21. Whatever Disney, Pixar or Dreamworks put out, made its way into our home under what seemed like good economics but ultimately ended up jam packed into the Balinese dresser. Now I'm not saying we Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Clutter with eyes – Chrissie would like your advice

This week I received an email from Chrissie who has a unique decluttering issue that she would like her fellow 365ers and myself to give her advice on. Below is the message she sent explaining her issue. "Although I'm quite successful in decluttering and drive my own project online ~einfach-weniger.blogspot (Simply Fewer in English) I'm lost as soon as things have eyes. No matter if cuddly toys from the childhood (they can be ugly as hell!), knick knacks, useless promo gifts, ... as soon as they have eyes they are begging me to stay in my house. All available declutter strategies did not work Continue reading

Moni’s latest update on the Mammoth Bookcase Declutter

I have been on a mission to declutter a bookcase filled with books, CDs, photos and anything else that could be stuffed in there plus a Balinese dresser full of DVD's Early September things took an unexpected turn, as a new tv entered the house. It wasn't planned but not entirely unexpected either. Our small lounge housed an older type tv that has been with us for years and was a favorite perching spot for our cat. Unfortunately the countdown to the final digital changeover meant that we either needed to invest in a digital box and a different aerial because of our area, or consider an Continue reading

Deb J and her Mom, Leona ~ An amazing transformation

My mother, Leona, is the oldest of three girls. She was 84 her last birthday. Growing up, I thought nothing of all the stuff we had because it was put away neatly, displayed neatly and everyone seemed to have all that kind of stuff. My parents were neat freaks so it wasn’t surprising I grew up to be one too. It wasn’t until I moved out on my own that I learned that we didn’t need to have all of that stuff. As I grew older I became even more aware of what we didn’t NEED. I had the 12 place setting of china, numerous pots & pans, and plenty more kitchen gadgets as well as nic nacs Continue reading

Guest Post by Moni Gilbert ~ The Bus Factor

Don't worry everyone, Cindy is fine she was just insanely busy this week. Instead our good friend Moni has stepped in with a guest post.  I was recently asked what my Bus Factor was. If you are like me and not up to speed with the business world's buzz words, you would have needed to be told that Bus Factor is a measure for just how indispencible you are to your organisation/business/family and just how much disruption and disarray it would cause if you were to be hit by a bus. So what is my Bus Factor rating? Married with three teenagers, there are four other people capable of cooking a Continue reading