Simple Saturday ~ Media Blitz

Media blitz might be a bit of an exaggeration but it is more media attention than I thought I would ever receive. After the first nervous attempts I have become more comfortable with it. My favourite piece so far is the one below which I wouldn't have even known about except for one of my neighbours telling me. I got quite a laugh when I saw it. Media Links ABC Radio interview ~ Tony Delroys Nightlife 27 July 2011 Newspaper Article ~ Newcastle Herald 28 July 2011 Multimedia Slice Show ~ Newcastle Herald 28 July 2011 Another newspaper mention ~ Newcastle Herald 1 Aug 2011 I am not Continue reading

Simple Saturday ~ Remember that radio interview I mentioned…

Finally I have internet service again just in time to get my posts up to date for the next fortnight while I am away. Sheer ego indulgence on my behalf makes me say I hope you all missed me while I was off line. Oddly enough, things have the strangest way of happening while a person has their back turned. In the midst of my forced silence from the net the interview I did for ABC radio way back so many months ago I can't remember when, aired. So today for my Simple Saturday post and for your listening pleasure or amusement, whatever the case may end up being, I will add the link for you all to Continue reading