Consolidate & Refine

I have spoken about this subject before on 365 Less Things, however, having just moved, I am finding it necessary to do a little more of it. Things have become a little scattered during my move. Mainly due to the fact that rooms have been eliminated from my options of where and how to store things. The office space/craft area/parents retreat has turned into the office space/craft closet/guest bedroom. The laundry/third toilet/storage closet has become the laundry closet. The kitchen/family room/dining/living room/entry with cupboard has become the living room/kitchen/dining room. And needless Continue reading

The clutter cause by unfinished tasks

I mostly talk about clutter in the form of items that are unused and unloved that could be permanently removed from our homes.  However the detritus of unfinished tasks also mounds up over a very short period of time when a short attention span, lack of planning or sheer laziness has us making a half hearted effort. Below are some reasons why this sort of clutter accumulates and the possible consequences... Mail is opened but not attended too. ~ At the very least there should be a designated place for mail to be filed when needing later attention. Not doing this can end up in late Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Why I Love a Label

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom I love a label. Love. Love. Love. My grocery store bags, children's lunch boxes, our water bottles, coolers, and flashlights are labeled with our last name. All of my girls' uniforms, sweaters and coats have their names in them. When they were littler and their feet closer to the same size, all of Audra's socks were labeled on the bottom with a letter A to distinguish them from Clara's socks. My canisters of food staples are labeled with their contents, even though you can easily see into the canisters. The girls and Dan and I have matching hairbrushes and Continue reading

Day 195 Computer clutter

I don't usually write about computer clutter in my blog as it is not really an area of expertise for me. However I am going to mention it today because it can be a problem for some. I would like to concentrate on email clutter. I am not actually talking from a personal level here more from a professional point of view. It can be very annoying when you share a computer, specifically email, in he work place with  people who are not very computer savvy. The idea of using folders to sort emails is alien to some and even deleting unnecessary emails does not seem to be a priority. Therefore the Continue reading