How strong is your retail resistance

It has been some time since I dedicated a post to consumerism and how that affects our clutter situations. The generation of items that become redundant in our home is near to unavoidable especially if you have a growing family. Children outgrow everything, clothes, shoes, beds, toys, books... even us parents eventually, 'hopefully". Therefore so long as there are kids around there will always be maintenance decluttering to keep up with the things they grow out of. As for us adults, all going well, we will wear our clothes out rather than grow out of them. Other things we use will also become Continue reading

Do you shop to fill a void?

When we get to a point where we are shopping to fill a void in our lives then it is time to stop and think ~ What is happening here? ~ Instead of facing reality and doing something to improve whatever unsatisfactory situation you find yourself in, you turn to your drug of choice, shopping, to give you that little pick-me-up that you are craving for. Why do I do this? ~ In this day and age we behave this way because we are conditioned to it. In the modern consumer society we have become accustomed to the idea that shopping is a feel good activity and if we want to feel good what simpler Continue reading

A complete waste of the worlds natural resources

The product featured here is - in my opinion - a complete waste of natural resources and manpower. Please do not buy one or any other worthless product of this nature. All you really require to crack or separate an egg is an egg! This item is better known as Kitchen Clutter Continue reading

Day 328 Black Friday

Written by:- Cindy Bogard If you're in a big hurry, just read this:  Resist! If you're not in such a hurry, feel free to read on. In the United States, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which is on Thursday this week. Sadly, the website defines Black Friday as "an unofficial American holiday". Sad, not because the rest of you are missing out; sad because a day of shopping insanity has somehow become "an unofficial American holiday". So what is Black Friday? As I said, it's the day after Thanksgiving and the official start to what's called the holiday Continue reading

Day 290 Recreational shopping.

Recreational shopping, I wish it was an oxymoron like - unbiased opinion or seriously funny- but unfortunately it's not. As the title suggests, people do approach shopping as a form of recreation. Sadly, having disposable income isn't always considered a necessity in the pursuit of such entertainment. Hence the abysmal levels of credit card debt in the Western world. Although I can't claim to be innocent of taking part in the past, I can honestly say that I did not contribute to the credit card debt statistics. Never the less, it is something I am not proud of and I am glad I learnt to be a Continue reading

Day 244 Cindy’s take on avoiding decluttering

Recluttering A Guest Post by Cindy Bogard It’s bound to happen sometime; you’re going to have to break down and buy something. Before you do, consider these factors: Do I need it? Do I want it? Did I come into the store looking for this item, or did it just catch my eye? Would I be criticized if my spouse or family members knew that I had purchased this? Can I afford it? If I cannot pay for it now, should I buy it? Can I wait a week and see if I still believe I need to buy this? I am buying it “just to try it”? If I am, is there some other way that I could try it Continue reading

Day 226 Retail waste

While out walking today I went by the fruit shop and noticed a box of over ripe bananas  on the footpath by the door. I did a double take when I remembered I needed a couple of onions and picked up two of the old bananas as well thinking I could use them to make a cake. When I took them to the counter to pay there was no charge for the bananas which was what I was half expecting. I was happy with that and thanked the man and went on my way. Later on when I was making my banana cake with my free bananas I got to thinking...there is more to this than just a couple of free bananas. This Continue reading

Day 214 Supply and Demand

There is an election going on at the moment here in Australia. The politicians often jump on the environmental bandwagon to win votes. The issues they promise they are going to address when they win are just a drop in the bucket to what really needs doing. In fact they aren't prepared to do much at all when it comes to the manufacturing of pointless garbage like... the free toys in kids meals and other promotional products wasteful single use gadgets shoddy appliances that don't last and can't be repaired Disposable cutlery & plates Cheap souvenirs The sheer quantity of Continue reading

Day 188 Product promotion cluttering

How many of you have gone to the supermarket with the innocent intention just to buy something like a set of replacement blades for your razor. You get to the section of the store where the razors are stocked and discover that there is a product promotion offer where you can get a set of 4 replacement blades and a SHINY NEW handle for only $4.99 while a set of eight replacement blades are $9.99. It is so tempting to buy 2 packs with 4 blades which gets you 8 blades and 2 SHINY NEW handles for only one cent more than the 8 blade pack. This is a very tempting offer for those of us who like Continue reading

Day 165 Would you like some adventure with your coffee

I live in a city on with a population of about 160,000. So far I have explored very little of the area and have decided it is about time I made a bigger effort to find out more about the wonderful ways to spend time in this fascinating city without it involving shopping. I meet a friend for coffee at least one day a week and usually we get together at the local shopping centre because it is convenient and there are plenty of cafes to choose from. The problem with this arrangement is that once we have finished dining there is nothing else to do there except shop. As you know I have no desire Continue reading