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Mini Mission-Wednesday 8Nov2017

Sorry folks I haven’t been well this week and the Mini Missions slipped my mind. However after too much time lying and sitting around today I am on a mission to do some organising. I find that doing something useful puts me on the road to recovery much faster than sitting around feeling sorry for myself. And decluttering and organising is a task I enjoy as well as gives me purpose, and having purpose is what life is all about. I also set up the health tracker ap on my phone that will record my activity. This, I am sure will encourage me to achieve higher each day and likely errode those Continue reading

Mini Mission-Friday 3Nov2017

Declutter a unloved decor item that is collecting dust. Continue reading

Mini Mission – Thursday 2Nov2017

Declutter something you appreciate for its service to you in the past but that you have no further use for. These items can often be hard to part with because we see the worth in them, but sometimes it is just time to set them free to be useful to someone else Continue reading

Mini Missions – Tuesday and Wednesday 31Oct&1Nov2017

Sorry I have done it again and missed Tuesday. So here are two missions to cover both days. Declutter something paper. Declutter one more thing from your kitchen that is rarely or never used. I did this with my son and daughter-in-law yesterday which resulted in two boxes of stuff in the trunk of my car to go to the thrift shop. Continue reading