Day 126 Applying my uncluttering approach to housework

Today I applied my 365lessthings approach to my housework.

I have had my sister visiting for a six days and we had a lovely weekend away in the middle of that. I hate to waste time doing housework when I have visitors because I would rather spend time with them than doing chores. Needless to say this neglect had taken its toll on how my house was looking by this morning and I was feeling quite tired and lazy after all the activities of the last few days and wasn’t feeling up to a hard day of cleaning.

I decided to take the one step at a time and don’t focus on the enormity of the task ahead approach like I do with my decluttering and I must say it has made my day a lot more pleasant than it could have been. I just flitted from one task to the next and didn’t give a moments thought to what else had to be done. Another task magically presented itself each time I was finished with the previous one so it was a smooth transition until everything I wanted to get done was done.

Now I am quite satisfied with my efforts without even feeling like I have worked hard and it has left me with enough time and a topic to write about for today’s post.


This is the first of the eBay sales of our snow gear. I will post all about how well we did with the sales and how much space has been made by finding these things new homes once they are all posted or collected.

Ski Jacket

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