Day 185 Unexpected decluttering

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  1. Hurrah for you! My husband launched into cleaning the garage on his own initiative yesterday.

    • Hi Cindy,
      Yes it was a little amazing. When I asked him what inspired the clean out he said he needed the drawer space.

  2. My son is married and has a new home of his own. Shortly after I started my big uncluttering project, he went through all of his stuff in his own house and eliminated tons of old college books, clothes, and music gear that he no longer wanted hanging around or used. He felt wonderful afterward. But I don’t have any recollection of his doing this sort of thing when he was still in school.

    A fuss over your son is entirely warranted! 😀

    • Hi Meg,
      Our children always start acting on the lessons we have taught them once they leave home. It rarely happens when they are living at home where we can sit back and enjoy it the most. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr the joys of parenthood!! So long as the get it eventually I suppose.