Day 185 Unexpected decluttering

Imagine my surprise today when I went to put some clean laundry away in my son’s room and discovered he had decluttered one of his drawers. There was a big wad of shoe laces and other items in his trash can. I retrieved it of course and sorted it into donate and throw away piles but WOW!

If that isn’t amazing enough you will be surprised to know he had done this once before. I had just mentioned it today in a reply to a comment Loretta left on my Half way there post. At the end of high school last year he decluttered all the old school papers he no longer needed. There was no prompting from me he just did it. I think the inspiration was just to expel any evidence of a period of his life he would rather forget but that is another story.

I must remember to make a fuss about it and try to encourage him to start on another area of his room. I am sure there must be a number of clothing items hanging in the wardrobe that he no longer wears.


These are the items  my son decluttered that are going in the donation box (actually it is more of a donation pile at the moment I haven’t been to drop items off for a while). If you are wondering why so many shoe laces, he is a skateboarder and they go through a lot of shoes and the manufacturer usually supply more there one pair of laces with each pair.
Donated Shoe LacesLiam Misc Items

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  1. Hurrah for you! My husband launched into cleaning the garage on his own initiative yesterday.

  2. My son is married and has a new home of his own. Shortly after I started my big uncluttering project, he went through all of his stuff in his own house and eliminated tons of old college books, clothes, and music gear that he no longer wanted hanging around or used. He felt wonderful afterward. But I don’t have any recollection of his doing this sort of thing when he was still in school.

    A fuss over your son is entirely warranted! 😀

    • Hi Meg,
      Our children always start acting on the lessons we have taught them once they leave home. It rarely happens when they are living at home where we can sit back and enjoy it the most. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr the joys of parenthood!! So long as the get it eventually I suppose.