Day 318 Simply Sunday – It’s a new day

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  1. After spending two weeks at mom’s house surrounded by a whole bunch of EMPTY SPACE (which is hard to come by in my current room) I feel a strong urge to get rid of everything so I have a bit more room to move around for once. I think I’ll take it section by section, starting with the clutter station that most people recognize as a desk! Missing your clean house already, mom.

    • Hi Darling,
      I am glad you are finally starting to see the light. Just remember decluttering is all about not recluttering so stay the hell away from the shops.
      Love you my precious girl.
      By the way Liam isn’t complaining any less today but he did get 12 on his PTA testing so he is officially out of his post traumatic amnesia stage. I only hope they give him plenty to do tomorrow.

  2. It’s so hard for me to declutter, when both of us want any and every thing we use on a daily basis,near at hand. I’ll admit to that, but he won’t. He gets upset at times when it gets so cluttered, but then when I store away,out of site, his 6 caps,or the three huge flashlights, or the 25 cigarette lighters(I don’t smoke) or his three pair of boots,1 pair of tennies,1 pair of house slipppers, or the 3 snuggly blankets on the sofa, or the innumerable breakfast items that sit in the center of the table at all times,or the creamer and sugar bowls,he gets upset.And my list is just as long.I do crafts of all kinds, and I like to keep several out, depending on the level of my nerves when I do get to sit down.And I love knick knacks, so to him, that is clutter,too,even though they bring me pleasure to have them.What’s one to do.(Short of a divorce.We do love one another,and I do take a nerve pill).

    • Hi Sawn61,
      it is funny you should send this comment today because I was considering writing a post about this very issue just this morning. Leaving things in convenient places rather than putting things away and getting them out only when you are using them is a real problem for a lot of people. Sometimes I think I am not the one to write about this issue because I am a real tidy freak and am forever putting things away because I can’t stand the mess. Maybe I could do a dual post with someone who is the opposite to me. I will give it some thought and see what comes of it.
      I am sorry that you have the added problem of not being on the same page as your husband on decluttering/organisation. Yet again I am lucky to not have that issue either but you are not in that boat alone that’s for sure. I will do my best to address this issue also some time soon.

    • Some people are very visual in their storage needs and they feel if something is put away they will forget about it or it is missing. Perhaps your hubby is a visual learner? Helen Buttigieg of the canadian tv show Neat has a book about the types of clutterers–visual, auditory, kinestic and how to work with your learning style. I am visual so I tend to pile:)

      • Hi Jessiejack,
        I am going to have to read this Helen Buttigieg’s book it sounds very interesting. Off hand I would classify myself as a visual learner too but I am a neat freak. I always did think I had clashing personalities. I tried to google her before answering this comment but my server is having trouble finding anything this morning. I’ll check her out later and maybe add some more here.

    • Shawn61, What’s one to do? Well, for starters you can continue reading Colleen’s blog and others like hers. Also read all the comments which will give you lots of tips, inspiration, and support. Read these blogs together with your husband to get him on the bandwagon. I’ve noticed that some minimalism/declutttering blogs tend to appeal more to women and some to men. Help your husband find one he likes. Start small, take baby steps like Colleen suggests, and each of you can get rid of at least one thing per day. Make it a challenge or a competition and see who can get rid of the most stuff. Make it fun, a project you can work on together, then it won’t seem like work or drudgery. Reward yourselves with something that is not clutter like a dinner out or a movie or a day trip to a place you’ve wanted to visit for a while but haven’t yet. Whatever you do, let it draw you closer together, not tear you apart. Good luck!

  3. Great news about Liam! another 12!

    If it were up to my hubby, the bed would never get made because, you know, you just mess it up again that night. But because I like the bed made, he helps make it every morning. Maybe that’s the key–you do or don’t do something (put away or leave out) because of love.

    On the other hand, if you only own what you actually use and don’t have drawers and closets stuffed with excess, then you won’t need to keep things out in plain sight in order to find them.

    Interesting topic…

    Things I’m grateful for:
    1. warm weather again today
    2. anticipation because my daughter in law texted me to say she’s on the road on her way to visit for 3 days
    3. a clean house
    4. a hubsand who makes me lattes on demand
    5. health

    • Hi Willow,
      thank you for chipping in on the conversation with Sawn61 about husband and wife co-operation when it comes to decluttering/organisation. I think I will have to throw this subject up in a post and ask for reader experience of this problem. I have been lucky that we are on the same page on this in our home although my husband doesn’t make me lattes on demand but that may be because we don’t have a coffee machine. i like your grateful list.


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