Sage advice or tough love depending on how you view it.

Below I am going to share with you some advice, both of my own and quotes I have happened upon. I will then explain how these quote apply to decluttering. Although the first needs little explanation. So bear with me and don't run away screaming after just reading the quotes. "The clutter didn't appear overnight so wishing it would just disappear overnight isn't going to happen either." ~ Colleen Madsen "Performing the same actions will never result in a different reaction." ~ Unknown to me. However this version is a twist on a quote from Albert Einstein ~ "Insanity: doing the same Continue reading

Have faith that you won’t need it one day

As the saying goes ~ "Believe and the Universe will provide." Whether you are religious, spiritual or neither there is a good chance that this saying is true for you. It sure has been true for me, and that is why I never worry about letting go of the things that I don't use. I hold on to very little in the way of things that I only think I might need some day because I have no doubt that... ...I probably won't and never did "need" it in the first place and... ...and anything I do need want can be easily replaced at a later date. One of the reasons I believe these this is that I am Continue reading

My response to yesterday’s post

Sorry about the delay in today's post. I think I caused to problem by forgetting to give the page a title. Alls fixed now. Doodle asked yesterday... "If someone came to you for help, what 3 top tips would you give them to get them started (decluttering) and how would you sell the knock on benefits of a de-cluttered life to others in less than three sentences?" Here are my answers... Start with the easiest stuff to part with first and don't be in a hurry. Take your time and make it easy on yourself. Be satisfied in knowing the stuff is heading out the door and it doesn't need to be Continue reading

Owning your life skill ~ By Doodle

One of our long time regular readers Doodle has kindly agreed to help out here at 365 by writing a blog post for me every other Wednesday. Today is her first regular post although not the first she has contributed. She has become quite the expert on the subject of decluttering over the years and I am sure you will all be able to learn a lot from her. Welcome Doodle and thank you for your contributions, past, present and future. Owning your life skill The biggest reason I owned too much stuff, was I just never realised I didn’t have to. It was as simple as that: getting rid of stuff as a Continue reading

To be perfect ~ By Andréia

We all are taught that perfection does not exist. What we fail to do is to believe that. I don’t really know about the rest of the world, but I am tired of seeing in all places the evidence of how imperfect I am. It is hard to avoid. You would have to live in an isolated island not to feel how your lack of perfectionism is ruining your life. They say it about the way you keep your house, care for your kids, live your marriage (?) (saw this one in a magazine)…Oh how life would be great…But not. Let’s talk for example about decorating and de-cluttering: How can I have a perfectly de-cluttered, Continue reading

Handbag Clutter

This week we have been talking about making decisions about what is clutter and what isn't. Recently I received an email from a reader named Lesley who shared with me a story of why she decided to declutter and downsized her handbag. Here is what Lesley wrote~ "Hi Coleen, I have recently come across your website and I am enjoying it very much and finding it very inspirational. I was reading some older posts from your archive and came across one regarding handbags, and I wanted to share my experience with you. Three years ago my large, very cluttered, handbag was stolen. It contained too much Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Pantry Management

There is such potential for waste in the kitchen! I am certainly not perfect, but I really try to keep it to a minimum. Here are some of my tricks and tips: Don't buy in bulk except for items that you know, for sure, you and your family make good use of it. Toilet paper I buy in bulk. Paper towels (which, per Colleen's suggestion below, I almost completely eliminated years ago), I buy one roll at a time, and I always buy the "select a size" towels, so I can pull of just a small amount. Use substitutions in the kitchen. For reasons I won't go into, I ended up with a cheap jar of "meat Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ You Don’t Have to Have One Too

Every time you see something fun, intriguing, clever, imaginative, or functional at a friend's house, are you tempted to buy one for yourself too? When your child loves a toy that he or she has played with at a friend's house, school, or the doctor's office, do you think he or she must surely want one for your house as well? This is a trap. Don't fall for it. In my experience, parents and grandparents are the first and worst to fall into this trap. If junior loves a toy elsewhere, he/she will surely love one at home too. Not necessarily. Instead, by buying a duplicate, you've removed the Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ The Shortage Is Only in Your Mind

I went to high school with a girl named Helen, who was extremely petite and wore a very tiny shoe size, 5 I believe. In college, Helen and I lived in the same dorm. Her room was remarkable because it contained the largest shoe collection in the dorm, probably in the entire school. Why did Helen own so many shoes? Because she wore a tiny shoe, many stores would only get one in her size when they ordered a style. Helen was constantly afraid that she wouldn't be able to find shoes that fit. As a result, she bought every shoe she found in her size. Clearly, the idea that there was a shortage of Continue reading

Let go of your “should” clutter

Should is just another word for obligation. The answer to all the following questions is NO! Should I keep this in case I need it some day. Should I keep this because (fill in the blank) gave it to me. Should I keep this, even though I have more of them than I need, just in case one day I actually have to cater to a much larger group than I normally would. Should I keep this because someone made it for me. Should I keep this because, after all, everyone has one. Should I use this only on special occasions. (Everyday is a special occasion, use it often or let it go is what I Continue reading