It’s all about you

Today's mini mission is ~ Just declutter something that isn’t “you”. In reality all of this weeks mini missions have been about getting rid of things that aren't you. By this I mean things that don't spark any joy in you. Joy that something fits you. Joy that something works well for you. Joy that you find something beautiful. Joy that brings back happy memories... Unwanted gifts. Disappointing purchases. Items that feel like they are nagging you to do something you don't have the time or inclination for right now. Items you accepted from others only because you felt you couldn't say no. Continue reading

Don’t agonise over getting rid of clutter

I had a reader back in the early days of my blog who seemed to have trouble letting go of her clutter. It wasn't that she wanted to keep the stuff, or found it difficult to make the choices as to what to let go however she balked at getting on with the task. To me it was obvious that her problem was that she didn't like seeing anything go to waste. You see she was very eco friendly to the point where it was a mission to throw nothing in the trash. And I think this noble goal interfered with her goal to rid her home of clutter. As you all know I am not a lover of waste myself and do what I can Continue reading

To err is human, to forgive divine.

We all make mistakes and it is unpleasant to admit them to ourselves. We have to remember that we are not perfect and trying to be so is a mission in futility. So don't expect perfection and most of all forgive yourself when mistakes are made. Some clutter items are simply errors in judgement when acquiring the object in the first place. Who hasn't done that? I know I have. I still make these mistakes from time to time even though I buy very few things these days and put a lot of thought into purchasing. Such items can seem like good purchases at the time and even get used to begin with, but Continue reading

Beware the product demo!

I am writing this post with this weeks mini missions in mind. It might help you identify some of those too hard to use items loitering in your home. However the intention behind it is actually to help you avoid acquiring such gadgets in the future. When viewing product demonstrations, whether in store, at a home show, on television or online, one thing to remember is that you aren't shown the full picture, and the person demonstrating the product may have had hours and hours of practice. The simplicity of operation of a gadget is enhanced by that fact that you don't see  the staging of the Continue reading

Let go of your “should” clutter

Should is just another word for obligation. The answer to all the following questions is NO! Should I keep this in case I need it some day. Should I keep this because (fill in the blank) gave it to me. Should I keep this, even though I have more of them than I need, just in case one day I actually have to cater to a much larger group than I normally would. Should I keep this because someone made it for me. Should I keep this because, after all, everyone has one. Should I use this only on special occasions. (Everyday is a special occasion, use it often or let it go is what I Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Is Your Clutter a Pile of “Should”?

My in-laws are visiting, and I was thinking about my father-in-law. He really likes to do home improvement projects, to work on his own vehicle, and he's done some truly outstanding woodworking projects. My husband is not really like his father. No one else I know works on their own car, my husband can only do the simplest of woodworking, and although he does home improvement projects, he doesn't love it. Yet at least some of his clutter reflects who he thinks he should be (see his Dad, above) and not who he really is. The fancy name for this is "aspirational clutter," but I'm going to call Continue reading

From the archives ~ Guilt Clutter

In the spirit of todays mini mission I have dug up from the archives a post I once wrote about identifying and disassociating from guilt clutter. I hope this helps you achieve your mini mission for the day as well as assist you in finding a few more of these annoying items to rid yourself of. Guilt clutter are items you regret having acquiring in the first place but now feel you should keep in order to justify their purchase and/or get your money’s worth out of them. Just about anything can fall into this category but they are usually items that you… Spent a lot of money on and haven’t Continue reading

Where I am with gifts and gifting

Since we are on the subject of obligation clutter this week I thought I would do a quick post on gift giving, receiving and decluttering.  Not everyone will agree with what I have to say here but that is OK we are all entitled to set our own boundaries when it comes to this tradition.  What I prefer ~ which is what this post is about ~ is to avoid the likelihood of unwanted  and obligatory items entering my home not to mention the unnecessary addition to the supply and demand of products I don't need that have a detrimental effect on the environment. I have written plenty of post on this Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ Just Let It Go

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom As I've told you (probably countless times), we remodeled our house, and the last of the workmen pulled away two years ago in July. There were a lot of smaller jobs and some very large painting jobs that needed to be completed, but the house itself was done. Two years have passed, and I still have a half dozen paintings, including a couple of pieces of expensively framed limited edition pieces, that have not been hung. About every three months, I get into the closet where they're stored and vow that today is the day that I'll finish figuring it out. And every time I Continue reading

Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom ~ It’s Not Yours Anymore

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom Last week, I talked about shopping at the Goodwill, and we all felt a bit of dread: what happens to our stuff when we let it go?  I know the definitive answer to this question: It's not yours any more. I came to this perhaps obvious realization last week. For years, I have had a queen size air mattress with a leak that I have never found. I've tried to find it while using it (and slowly, slowly getting closer to the ground), and I tried to find it earlier this year when I blew it up just for the purpose of locating the leak. I was not successful. So last week I Continue reading