Day 118 Luggage clutter

Just thought I would share a little story about some cheap luggage we once owned and how we off-loaded it. My mum bought us a set of luggage and the first time it did the cycle through the airport wheels fell off and things broke. We only used them one more time and that was as excess baggage when we moved to America. They then got stuck in a cupboard until the first unsuspecting visitors came over to stay with us. Since America is a great place to shop the visitors had a lot more stuff to take home than their suitcases could carry  so we gave them one of our dodgy ones to take their Continue reading

Day 83 Product Reviews

We have all seen advertisements for product that enticed us into believing that "I just can't do without that!" and "I must have one!"  We have fallen in love with the idea that the advertisement is selling. I say idea because even though the idea is great that doesn't mean that the product is going to live up to the expectation that you have drawn up in your head. The tip today to save you money and wasted space is to get on your computer and look for product reviews for these "must have" items before you rush out to buy them. Granted you can't always believe the reviews either but if there Continue reading