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Day 110 House Downsize

I know I am getting slightly outrageous today but I just wanted to plant this thought. Now that you have created space in your home do you really need it? That much space I mean. How many of us live in homes that are far to big for our needs. Is your home just a status symbol with more rooms than you need that just cause you a whole lot of wasted time doing housework. When I was a child with four siblings and a mum and dad, we all managed to live quite comfortably in a four bedroom house with one bathroom, a kitchen, a lounge room with a rumpus room under the house.  One of the Continue reading

Day 109 The linen closet

When retrieving my vacuum cleaner from the linen closet this week on cleaning day I paid a little attention to the number of towels on the shelves that I really don't ever use. They were sitting there taking up valuable space simply because they were still in reasonable condition or I thought they might come in handy one day for rags or if some incident happened where I would need to mop up a large spill that I wouldn't want to put in my washing machine. After giving it some rational thought I decided three things... since I have discovered microfiber I would never use lint filled old Continue reading

Day 108 Food Clutter

Sometimes when going through the home uncluttering we forget the pantry and the refrigerator which is one place that we should visit on a regular basis to make sure there aren't foodstuffs that are past their used by date. Now I do tend to do this fairly often because I have one of those not so well designed pantries that are so deep you can lose things in the back reaches that won't be seen until it's too late if I am not vigilant. But because I thought this was a good topic to write about I had a look anyway and found the items in my photo below that were in some cases waaaay out of Continue reading

Day 107 Unclutter the ironing basket

Now I know that uncluttering your ironing basket doesn't actually remove anything from your house but it sure would lighten your To-Do List leaving more time for real de-cluttering. Speaking from someone who spent at least three hours slaving over a hot iron today, I am up for any suggestion as to how to reduce this workload. It would certainly help if we bought clothes with less cotton content and more in the way of  poly/cotton blend. I put fabric softener in all my loads to try to cut down on the wrinkles and I am sure that helps but not enough. I also hang the clothes on an airing Continue reading

Day 106 Giving back

Today's item is a great example of giving back. My mother-in-law gave me this bead spinner because she knows I do a lot of beading and she thought I would find it useful. I think she may have purchased it at a garage sale or the like especially for me. It seemed like a great little gadget and I was most appreciative of her kind gesture.  Unfortunately after experimenting with it a number of time I found it did not live up to the expectations I had of it to make threading beads quicker and easier. This item could then have easily been relegated to the "well I can't get rid of it because my Continue reading

Day 105 Check those expiry dates

What is worse than having sunscreen in your home that is past its expiry date? Yes that's right, medications that are out of date. I only found one item where I keep regular medications like ibuprofen but I obviously hadn't checked my first-aid box for some time where I found two bottles of motion sickness tablets (one had expired in 2005) and a tube of antiseptic ointment. If you have not done so recently go now and check the places that you keep your medications and first-aid supplies and discard any overdue items. Replace these item if they are something you feel you should have on hand Continue reading

Day 104 Car “Stuff”

How much un-necessary stuff do you keep in your car. My car isn't to bad (I don't think) but I will let you be the judge of that. Below is a list of the things that are currently in my car, I am literally sitting in it while typing this list. In the trunk/boot Jumper Leads Blanket Recyclable shopping bags x 10 for grocery shopping Plastic crate to store the above items Glove Compartment CDs x 8 1 pair of sunglasses Car size Yellow Pages An old rental car receipt Registration and Insurance papers Car warranty papers Tyre warranty plan Old shopping Continue reading

Day 103 Justifying

There are a lot of ways we go about trying to justify why we should keep the clutter that we have around out homes. Here are a selection:- I may use it some day. I am sure it will come back into fashion. So and so gave this to me. If I keep it long enough it may increase in value. I might loose weight and it will fit me again. It has sentimental value. Everyone has one of these. I paid a lot of money for it so I am not getting rid of it until I get my money's worth out if it. Maybe the kids will want it when they grow up. Maybe the kids will want to give it to their kids Continue reading

Day 102 Garage sale tips

If you are thinking about having a garage sale to off-load your clutter here are a few pointers you might find helpful. Choose Wisely: Only include clean, usable items that don't look like they should have gone in the dumpster. If you have some items that are still useful but a little neglected give them a bit of a clean up before putting them on display. Pricing: Make sure you clearly mark the prices on all items you are selling. You can do that in many ways but here are a few suggestions Stickers: Write the price clearly on small stickers and place on each item. Colour coding: Continue reading

Day 101 Finding time to find things

Here are some of the ways I go about looking for areas in my home that need some de-cluttering attention I set aside one day a week, usually Tuesday, to do my general housecleaning. On that day I keep a watchful eye out while working and write down the trouble stops in my trusty notebook so I will remember to come back to them later on. While puting away the clean laundry is a good time to have a glance around in the closets for any clothing items etc that haven't seen the light of day for a while. Even if you pluck out just one thing every now and again it all makes a Continue reading