Day 103 Justifying

There are a lot of ways we go about trying to justify why we should keep the clutter that we have around out homes. Here are a selection:-

  • I may use it some day.
  • I am sure it will come back into fashion.
  • So and so gave this to me.
  • If I keep it long enough it may increase in value.
  • I might loose weight and it will fit me again.
  • It has sentimental value.
  • Everyone has one of these.
  • I paid a lot of money for it so I am not getting rid of it until I get my money’s worth out if it.
  • Maybe the kids will want it when they grow up.
  • Maybe the kids will want to give it to their kids when they grow up.
  • I may want to read that again later on. (when I have owned it long enough that I can’t remember reading it in the first place).
  • It is a piece of history.
  • …and the list goes on.

You do need to remember to weigh these pros against the cons before making a rational decision. Here are some of the cons.

  • I already have five of these.
  • I have no-where to store this.
  • I can no longer see the top of the dining room table.
  • I may lose a few pounds but this will probably no longer be in fashion then anyway.
  • I can always borrow this book from the library if I want to read it again.
  • Maybe I could fetch a good price for this if I sell it since I don’t use it anymore.
  • We can no longer have visitors because we can barely get through the door of the spare room because it is so full of clutter (not always a bad thing ha ha)
  • If this does come back into fashion it will probably be inappropriate for my age by then.
  • On the rare occasion I need one of these I could borrow one from so and so.
  • It will deteriorate over time so someone might as well be using it now while it is still useful.
  • The kids would have taken it when they left home if they wanted it.
  • I am not going to forget the good times we had if I get rid of this.
  • Everyone has one of these but I never use mine.
  • and once again the list goes on…

So please consider both sides of the situation before you decide what stays and what goes and try to be neutral about it. You will never clear the clutter if you keep justifying keeping things.

The item making the trash bin today are two old magnetic photo albums. These things can be a killer of your precious photos and I am working on removing all of my old photos from this kind of album.


Colleen’s Helpful Hint of the Day

To save water when shaving. Part fill your bathroom basin with a little warm water. Use this water to wet your hands and wipe over your legs making them damp. Use a little body lotion or moisturiser and rub over damp legs. Now shave your legs, rinsing the razor occasionally in the basin of water. When you are done use a damp face cloth to wipe your legs and allow to air dry the rest of the way. Now you have nice smooth legs and they are moisurised as well.

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  1. Re: Magnetic photo albums… I reuse them for my postcard collection. I enjoy looking at the cards, which last longer in reused magnetic albums than photo paper does. I’m not dead-set against losing my albums of post cards (I’m not married to them!), so I figure this is a good way to reuse those old, vintage albums. 🙂

    • Hi Carrie B,
      it’s good to hear from you again.
      After reading your comment I googled magnetic photo albums and found a site ( ) that explains why these are not good for storing photos. I understand that you are not so concerned about your postcards but even they can be great historic documents in the future.
      Have you ever thought about creating a photo montage of some of your favourite post cards with photoshop or similar software and getting it printed in poster size by one of those online printing services so you can hang in on your wall and see it everyday instead of having them hidden away in albums somewhere. Or scan all of them and set them up as a screen saver on your computer. This way you still get to see them easily and you could take the originals out of the albums and store them safely in photo archive boxes.

  2. Hi, there. Just found your site through Unclutterer. I love your idea about making a screensaver from postcards. I have collected postcards for years now, and although I use them as bookmarks, I would love to see them all more often. Thank you! P.S. I’m such a geek — sometimes I match the bookmark to the subject or location of the book.

    • Hi Odette,
      thanks for dropping by I was starting to think everyone had deserted me. I am glad the screensaver idea was helpful for you and good for you for using your postcards for something. I like that you match your postcard to your book settings. I found some old postcards recently from a vacation we had in Europe and couldn’t think what to do with them now I am going to dig them out and use them for bookmarks.