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Simple Saturday ~ Andréia’s declutter story

Andréia's Declutter Story I must confess I am a pack-rat. I used to keep all sorts of papers in my office and home. When I got married we rented this three bedroom house. There was the master bedroom which is ours and two other single’s bedrooms. We both moved out of our parents house, have never lived on our own. So he brought all his stuff, that was kept in a 8square meter bedroom to a 90 square meter house. I did just the same. Oh, the space to be filled!!! That was in 2003. We filled the entire house with furniture, old computer parts, papers (lots and lots of it), and all sorts of Continue reading

Friday’s Favourite Five

Once again it was a very busy week for comments and it was very hard to narrow my choices down. Here are the five a chose... Rebecca in response to How Many is too much ~ I know this post is from a week ago, but I just got time to catch up... Read more Di in response to Mini Mission Monday - Declutter Kids Stuff ~ This is very good advice, Colleen. When my son was growing up... Read more Ideealistin in response to Children's clothing ~ I usually so agree with you and your take on the whole clutter issue... Read more Jill in response to Children and alternative gift giving ~ Ever Continue reading

Children and alternative gift giving

Quite a few of my readers have mentioned on different occasions that they have friends and relatives that give their children far too many "clutter" gifts. No matter how much they insist that this stops the gifts just keep on coming. There are many alternative gift ideas that you could suggest they choose. Unfortunately life sometimes gets away from us and when the time is nigh we can't think of any suggestions to make to these very generous gift givers, that are a great alternative to clutter. In the past I put together a list of alternative gifts with mostly adults in mind. This list is Continue reading

Is Shopping the New Religion?

Cindy's Weekly Wisdom My husband and I were in Sunday School (religous education) recently, and the speaker touched on the topic of the Christian calendar (the seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, etc.) that mark the Liturgical (Church)Year. He pointed out that we used to have two main classes of holidays: Holy Days and Patriotic Days. Thus, in the United States, our seasons would be marked by celebrations such as Independence Day and Presidents' Day, as well as by religious holidays. Over time, days such as Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Valentine's Day got added into this mix.  More Continue reading

Children’s clothing

I have been struggling to find time to wrote my blog posts over the last few days because my parents are visiting so today I will keep my post short. Being that the mini mission for the day is to declutter the outgrown, worn or unloved clothing that is hanging in your child's wardrobe I though it appropriate to make a few comments on that subject. There are several reasons why is does not pay to overindulge when it comes to children's clothing... Wasted money ~ why buy a whole lot of clothes that are going to get rarely worn before your child grows out of them. You really only need Continue reading

Mini Mission Monday ~ Declutter kids stuff

Mini Mission Monday is about finding at least ten minutes a day to declutter. To make it easy for you, each Monday I set seven declutter missions, one for each day of the week for you to follow. It takes the guess work out of decluttering and makes it easy and "fun" for you to achieve some quick decluttering This weeks mini missions involve just a little decluttering of the excesses that have been provided for your children over time. As a mother I know that if they have too much doesn't always mean that it is you that has provided it all for them. Grandparents sometimes don't know when to Continue reading

Simple Saturday

I don't send many letter so I don't use my writing bureau all that much these days but it is a nice piece of furniture and I have no plans to get rid of it (At the moment anyway). Nevertheless it was more than time I decluttered the inside of it. What a mess! There were all sorts of stuff that has been there since we lived in America. Old address labels, concert tickets we were keeping as keepsakes, even a game schedule for the 2007 Mariners Baseball season were littering up this box. After some serious decluttering it now looks like this... Continue reading

Friday’s Favourite Five ~ 1APR2011

Andreia in response to Friday's Favourite Five ~ ...“United we stand, divided we fall.”... Read more Cat's Meow in response to Ahhh the good old days ~ ...I always think it’s backwards when people think... Read more Jo in response to How many is too much ~ For me, Colleen, this piece exemplifies everything I love about your blog... Read more. This choice was cheer self-indulgence but hey its my blog and I'll indulge if I want to. Lynn in response to Landscape Clutter ~ This is another one that pictures help with for me... Read more Ideealistin in response to Why Bother? ~ As Continue reading