It’s been a while…

Decluttering a little paperwork. Knitting pattern items in fact. I store digital files these day so no longer require these to take up physical space.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi, Colleen,

    Good to hear from you! I’m still working on “the clearout”and reading round the subject of decluttering. I have to say in all honesty nobody has come up to your level of advice. I’ve missed you and hope to hear more from you.

    Jan Cooper xx

  2. Welcome back – I’ve missed you!

    • Nice to hear from you to Ann. We look forward to the day we can get to. New Zealand again. We were looking forward to going to Oamaru for the steampunk festival again this year but alas Covid ruined that for us. However we are remaining well so that is something.

  3. Colleen!!

    Where have you BEEN? It’s wonderful to see your post in my mailbox again.
    I hope you’re well & family too. Have missed hearing about your life, the fellow
    commenters, and the steady inspiration you always offer.

    Thank you for your wonderful attentiveness to this mission in a loving and humane way!

    • Thank you Susan, enjoy it while you can as I am not sure how long I will be posting for but you never know. I have a little decluttering to do so I thought I might as well share it. Just odds and ends mostly.
      As for – where have I been – well a lot of place but Covid out a stop to that.

  4. So happy to see an email from you!
    Welcome Back!
    I’ve been trying to get rid of 30 items a month in honor of the 365 Community, with most months being successful. I have also stopped bringing non consumables in, which has been a game changer.
    So excited for Colleen & the Community, feels like in the words of the Blues Brothers, We’re getting the band back together “

  5. Totally made my day to see you back!! But then, alas, nothing would open up for me to read it. BUT, today it’s all working great!!! And I’m having a heyday!

    • Jan, sorry about that. It was a glitch because it had been so long since I logged in last that There were some plug-ins for the site that needed updating, so it wasn’t working properly. I needed my tech guy,aka husband, to fix the problem for me. All is fine now.

  6. COLLEEN!!!! I was so excited when I saw a post from 365 a couple days ago! But, when I looked, it seemed to be from way back ( it was the one about handbags, and had an old date on it) so I thought it was some kind of fluke or you had accidentally sent it out. Now, I’m really excited again! I have missed you and the whole community which had begun to feel like family!!!

    I, too, have continued to declutter and had taken 88 items to the thrift the day before the post arrived. And I have a friend who is going to let me put some more expensive items in her antique booth. Yay!!!!

    I’m still not where I want to be (still too much furniture) but have quite a few empty drawers and have gotten rid of most small items.

    Where are you living now? Hope you can hang with us a while again!!!

    • Hi Brenda, it is good to hear from you. Well done on your continued decluttering. I am still in the apartment that we moved to in 2014. It is serving us well. So easy to just lock up a go away for months on end. No lawns, no external maintenance and so much extra security.

  7. P.S. Forgot to say you did a fine job on the stools. They looked great!