Starting at Day 64 of the 365 Less Things Challenge

Today I belatedly begin my blog on the 64th day of my 365 day resolution to rid my home of those under utilised items cluttering up every nook and cranny. That is probably a little unfair to myself because I am not a hoarder by any means and after years of moving around the country and even overseas due to my husbands job I have kept things fairly under control but kids grow up, hobbies change and our focus shifts making some items quite redundant yet often still quite useful to someone else. Here is the list of the 64 items already being “loved again” or filling up a landfill somewhere.

365 First 64 Days


Candle Holder
Pair of Shoes
Bathroom items
Outdoor setting
Glasses cases
Recipe Books
Glass Bowl
Electric train items
Bed Frame
Key Rings
Baking Pans
Wood shelf
Craft Items


Filo Fax
Stationary items
Trivet New Boys Undies
Set of Coasters
Longstich Kit
Throw Rug
Gold Rings
Baby Blanket
Magic Trick Kit
Handmade Cards
Assorted Fabric
Jar of Buttons
Steam Mop
Plastic Containers
Kenwood Mixer
Chenille Throw
Dish Rack
2 Pair GP Boots
Mini Photo Album


Plastic Containers
Bike Parts (Recycling)
Bean Bag Ottoman
Cleaning Items
CD Roms


Kenwood Parts:
Dough Hook $25
Bowl and splash guard $16.70
Whisk $10
K Beater $11
Juicer $36

The funds raised by the items on the sold list are to be spent replacing the mixer that died with a smaller more versatile model.

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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Patricia Sheldon

    Dear Colleen

    Happy Blogivesary to you!! Congratulations on meeting your goal. This blog has meant so much to my sister and myself. We e-mail each other everyday with our item of the day and other fun things.
    Do you plan to continue the blog?
    Have a restful day!

    • Hi Patricia,
      even though yesterday was the anniversary of the blog the 365lessthings mission actually ended on the 31st of December because I had actually started the challenge on the 1st of January 2010. Unfortunately of fortunately depending how you look at it I still have plenty of clutter to remove and all you wonderful readers to continue to badger about getting rid of your clutter. Therefore I will be around for some time yet for your amusement so never fear. As Maxwell Smart would say “And loving it“!

  2. finally found the first blog post, And I’m glad te learn that you had begun the challenge way before you actually started blogging about uncluttering. I must say that I’ve been reading your posts with great interest lately and it has inspired me unclutter. My mission actually started last year due to a move. And antoher move last summer. I’ve uncluttered al ot of stuff allready, but I feel I’ve got a long way to go. My boyfriend and I now pledged we would have 365 less things by christmas 2012 and we’ve already got a box sitting in the cellar collecting the stuff to be sold next spring at the carboot sale. Luckily we had a very modest christmas with mostly gifts that can be consumed or are realy useful like socks and new linnens for the bed.

    • Yes hunter_xs I has already learned the error of my ways and accumulated some decluttering expertise before I started blogging about it. I am still learning as I go and continuing to make progress. The beauty is that I have now helped so many other people who needed a little encouragement along the way. As small as my contribution is I feel the world is a little better for it.

  3. ah, what i wanted to say was I ws glad to learn that you too we’re on a mission before you started blogging, as i don’t have to feel like all the stuff i got rid before i made it (sort of) offical was not part of my mission to simplify.


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