A thing a day ~ Days 9 & 11

So it seems that most of the excess in my home is crafting items. Not that that would come as a surprise to most of my long term readers. So once again today my decluttering turns in that direction.

This brings to my attention the problem of acquiring things that end up partly used or, worse still, not used at all. This often happens when one encounters things that they like the look of, and acquire them with the intention of using them in the future when an occasion or inspiration arrives.

Often the compulsion to acquire such things in the moment is the fear that if you don’t take the opportunity, then and there, that the item/s won’t be available in the future. Given we tend to do this over and over and often end up rejecting them at a later date. You would think we would learn from our mistakes. Yes we have success with this occasionally when we actually do use the thing’s but more often we don’t.

So what we need to do is resist the temptation because even if we miss the opportunity, so what! There are far more worthwhile things worth regretting in our lifetimes then whether we didn’t by that pretty dress or that lovely piece of scrapbook paper, etc. Because my experience is that something as good, if not better, will come along in the future to purchase when you actually have a use for it. And hopefully you might never have a need to purchase it at all, saving money and space in your home.

Anyway that is enough about that. Just give it some thought in relation to your stuff.

And here are my decluttering efforts for the last three days.

  1. The first batch of Christmas cards I am sending out this year. You may wonder why I would consider them to be decluttering items. That is because I made so many cards to sell last year that not only have I had more than enough for my shop and to fill other orders I still have leftovers at home and expect not to sell all the stock I have. So sending these out reduces that excess just a little.
  2. Cheap stamp pads that aren’t good for crafting.
  3. Excess ribbon that I put in with the Freecycle giveaway before I delivered it this week.


“If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?” — Unknown

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Mrs Pat Schneider in Colorado

    This morning as I retrieved my Christmas decorations from the garage shelves, I saw a clear box of fabric yardage I have not used. So this falls in your ‘craft’ category. I will bring that box in this weekend and sort it. I have given away most of my sewing stash several years ago. This may be part of my recent quilt project. I had purchased extra yardage to make the daybed a bed skirt. But your email today has reminded me about my own craft ‘future’ projects.

    Right now I’m trying to locate my Christmas placemats and cloth napkins! Haha!

    Happy Holidays! Pat in Colorado

  2. I have acquired a few new scrapbook/card making items. BUT, I know exactly what I am going to use them for and they will be gone soon. I love doing it this way. Instead of a room I have a 12×12 square 3 inch deep drawer

    • I am glad you haven’t given up your crafting Deb. I was afraid that you might get so keen to be uncluttered that you would stop doing the things you enjoy.

      • I will keep making cards and even sccrapbooking. I just plan to not have a lot of supplies hanging around and taking up space. It works great.

  3. I know well the compulsion to buy something pretty or attractive when you don’t exactly have a plan. For years I bought little potential gifts that I threw into a drawer for “just the occasion” such as hostess gifts or birthdays that caught me by surprise. Well, many didn’t go to good use, and I have had to put them into garage sales or donate.

    • Hi Linda, this doesn’t surprise me about the grift stash habit. It seems to me that gifts just ought to be very individual things while a stash just screams anything handy will do. Not that trying to be person specific always turns out right either. Which is probably why I have come to hate gift giving so much unless there is something that know for sure a person really wants.

    • Could someone expand on what is a hostess gift? Maybe we call it something different here.

  4. Found 2 ceramic medium sized pots for house plants. I have used them for over 20 years, time for someone else to enjoy them.

    • Glad you mentioned that Calla. I have some plant pots I could get rid of too. That will give me something other than craft supplies to bore you all with this week for my one thing a day challenge.

  5. For years I enjoyed selling at Christmas sales, back in the day when people valued “hand-made” and “unique” over mass-produced and cheap. I have had boxes of leftover ‘orphans’ that I haven’t been able to throw away so they trickled out slowly as I found people to give them to. Last winter our library had crocheted angels for sale on the checkout desk so I asked and they were happy to have some of my stuff to sell this year. I dropped off a box before we moved. There is a nature centre at our new location so I donated anything made with natural materials (cones and driftwood) and beeswax candles. Definitely a win-win.

    • Well done WendyB. I have been considering the places where I might donate some of my leftover stock from my craft space once I am done there at the end of the year. I am sure it won’t be a challenge. I already think the stall at the Mater Hospital may be happy to take anything I have to offer.

  6. Over the weekend, hubby mentioned that his bedside drawers seemed very full while he looked at me with helpless and hopeless eyes. I offered to help him undertake his own sort-out and throw-out. Not quite the result he was hoping for ie that I would do it for him but we did manage to collect a grocery bag full of papers, general jetsam and flotsam.

    • Hi Moni, I don’t buy my husbands clothes and I don’t declutter them for him either. Never have in 30 years. Not sure why it turned out that way but it just did. I am sure glad about it now. Although he could possibly be better at choosing so he doesn’t end up decluttering, what seem, so soon after. Although there is always the case that some clothing seemed good at the time but turned out with more use aren’t that comfortable or soon starts to hang wrong on ones body. Things that just can’t be detected when first trying them on.

  7. Moni – a hostess gift (here in the U.S.) is something you hand off to the host/hostess when invited for a party (not potluck) or overnight/weekend visit. It used to be considered bad manners to not show up with something. I think these days most of us understand that something “consumable” (at a later date) is much more appreciated. As aware as I am of not wanting anyone to hand me one more thing I have to find a spot for, I try to do unto others likewise!
    Out this weekend: spa gloves that did not feel good in the shower-trash/Christmas stickers-teacher craft box/Christmas wrap-church wrapping party/oven mitt that had frayed(had a lovely brand new one in a drawer!)-trash.
    Have narrowed my Christmas to two totes and am very pleased about that! (May reduce further when things are being put away!)

    • Karen – Thanks for that – we don’t have a formal title for it per se but generally its bringing something to share such as a bottle of wine or more often or not, guest contacts the hostess to see what food contribution to bring ie salad, desert etc. Have never given or received a non-consumerable gift though – except for going to a specific celebration ie a wedding. Interesting.