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Hi my wonderful 365 readers. Last Friday I asked for your opinion on the Friday Favourite posts. I am glad to say you were all very supportive and I have decided to continue with Fridays as they are. Clearly I value your opinion about how 365 Less Things is presented and what is included so today I once again would like your opinions on a couple of other things that I have changed, added recently or am thinking of changing and that perhaps even you would like changed about the blog. Below are the subjects I wanted to raise for your feedback. Please feel free to give me your honest opinion.

  • Is anyone missing the ~ Something I am Grateful for Today ~ segment of my blog? I only stopped because I went away on short notice and it was easier to swap it out for the Eco Tips being as I wasn’t going to have easy access to the blog while I was away. No one has mentioned that they missed it so I haven’t bothered to reinstate it.
  • What do you think of the Eco Tip for the Day. I am going to compile an Eco Tips page that can be easily accessed via the menu bar under the blog header. This way you will be able to refer back to the daily tips in order to, if you wish, instigate incremental changes to your daily routine for the good of the environment.
  • As suggested by Snosie I have begun a Before & After Page which now can be accessed from the menu bar under the blog header. The idea of this page is to inspire by example by showing photographic proof of what wonderful improvements can be made to your home through decluttering. I have many more examples to include and will continue do so over the weekend. Please let me know what you think. Also if you would like to submit your own before and after shots to add to the page I would be more than happy to receive them at any time. Just contact me and I will send you an email address to send the photos via.
  • Are you still enjoying the Monday Mini Missions. Do you feel that sometimes they are much larger than a mini mission or sometimes too involved to remember easily without having to refer back to the list. I realise that my one word mini missions are easy to remember and wondered if you would like me to try to stick to that format. Alternatively do you find a little explanation and examples more useful in triggering ideas of items you hadn’t thought to declutter.
  • If there is every any subject you would like me give my thoughts on in a blog post please feel free to contact me anytime via my contact link which can also be found on the menu bar below the blog header.
  • Similarly, if you have any issue with something that has been written that you don’t wish to share in a comment please contact me.  I am more than happy for people to voice their disagreement no matter how small or large with anything I have to say. The way I expand my views is through what other people have to contribute and I am always open to other’s ideas and views.
  • Are you happy or disappointed with the increased number of guest posts I have be including of late? I find these inspirational and hope you do too but you may feel that you would prefer I wrote more often.
  • That being side if anyone who is interested in writing a guest post for me, about their unique experience with decluttering, is always welcome to do so. Your success stories are inspirational to others, your hard earned lessons along the way, invaluable and your particular way of dealing with both the mental and physical side of clutter is very helpful so please share them with us. Once again, you can do this by sending me a message via the contact link.

Thank you in advance to those who share their input on the above subjects. I think of 365 Less Things more as a community of like minded people than simply a blog and everyone’s opinion on how it is run is valuable.

Kindest regards


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About Colleen Madsen

Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Hi Colleen – I’m enjoying the eco tip for the day – I’m not a greenie per se but I do like to do my bit and make responsible choices.

    And yes I enjoy the Monday Mini Missions, I do go thru phases where I can’t do each day’s mission because I’ve got other decluttering projects on the go, but I find that reading the list at the start of the week makes it tick away in the back of my head.

    Talking of which:
    Plastic some plastic drinking cups that are surplus
    Wood Balinese teak dresser left this morning
    Paper Two boxes of generic cards, a friend who is a community nurse took for her work as they send cards to their clients.
    Fibre A table runner and fabric placemats
    Glasses Our mismatched wine glasses left on freecycle
    Metal Curtain rods
    Leather A pair of shoes

    I like the way each day you remind us what today’s mission is but I do often have to go back to Monday’s post for a reminder as sometimes I have to swap my days around. Could you keep those written across the page at the bottom of the post?

    • Thanks for your input about the blog Moni and well done with the mini missions.
      You need to set up google calendar to cut and paste those mini missions to so you can keep track of them. You can easily move them from one days to another with a little click and drag.

  2. Hi Colleen, seeing that you asked so nicely 😉

    I don’t miss Something I am Grateful for – if you want to include that, perhaps it could be on an irregular basis if something particularly stands out for you?
    The eco tips are great – I like the idea of having them in one location
    The before and afters page is a great idea. Very inspirational!
    I like the mini missions – I don’t always achieve them but it’s a handy way of working out items to go
    The guest posts are fine with me – I don’t mind them at all

    Judy xx

  3. The eco tip of the day is ok … but what I am really here for is the liberation from stuff, not planet saving stuff.

    It might be neat to see how many of us have de-cluttered something we never dreamed we would be ready to be rid of. Just a little one paragraph story from us that told why we never thought we would and then how it came to make sense.

    • I agree with both things that Heather said. I also like the Things I’m grateful for. I really like the guest post individual stories, they are very inspirational. I think the before and afters are always really good, too. I think the thing I like the most though is the very hands on approach of you, Colleen. I think that this is why your blog is so successful and why it really does feel like a small community of like minded people. Its because of you participation, not just writing a post and then calling it a day. However, I can see how it would be a lot of work for you to respond to every comment and we definitely don’t want you to get burnt out. So, do what you can and I know it will be great!

    • Last weeks mini mission to declutter something made of wood. I had this little box that I received when I graduated (1978) that I never thought I would get rid of,(0ut of sight out of mind). When I looked in it, it just had a few things in it that I also got rid of so out it went. Felt strange for about a second.

    • Hi Heather, I am sorry but I am always going to badger my readers about being eco friendly even though it sometimes makes decluttering that little bit harder. I do however appreciate your honesty, honesty is also very important to me.

      I do like your idea of a “Things I never dreamed of getting rid of and why I did.” post. I will consider this idea. In fact I think the way to go about this while keeping it under wraps until posting is to chose readers and email them to give me their stories on the side. You may be the first person on my list so keep an eye out for my email. 😉

  4. I like the Monday mini missions. Gives folks a target to aim at.

    I’m pretty neutral on the eco tip-a-day segments. I’m green up to a point.

    I LOVE the idea of before/after photo’s! Awesome idea!

    I like the guest posts too. It’s nice to get a different perspective from the peanut gallery & hear how everyone is coming along with their decluttering efforts. It has a certain esprit de corps to it. Definitely like the community aspect of it.

    • Thank you Jane I appreciate your input. That before and after idea from Snosie was a good one. I also enjoy the guest posts not only because of the variety but because it give me a day off occasionally.

  5. I do like the eco tips and the grateful item of the day. As I come to this website daily for decluttering inspiration, the eco tips inspire me to do my part to help the environment. The grateful item of the day helps me focus on what really is important in life. By reading it, I will also take a moment to reflect on my day and find at least one thing I am grateful for. It helps us think about where our priorities should be. I do like the mini missions also, it gets me thinking and it takes the guesswork out of what to declutter that day. I think that the guest posts are good too. You need to be inspired, as well as us, and it helps us to appreciate many perspectives.

  6. As far as I’m concerned, a day with 365 Less Things in it is a good day. I like your posts as well as guest posts and the comments they inspire, plus whatever mix comes up – eco, grateful, Friday favorites or not. Monday mini-missions re-posted on each day’s page is brilliant. I don’t care how you do them – long, short or recycled. They’re gentle nudges and reminders as well as being good fun. I think more photos (before & after or other subjects) would be a good addition. I won’t send mine — I think I’m backsliding!!! W

    • Wendy B, backsliding isn’t allowed. Now you get your act together and get back on track. You were one of my start pupils there for a while. I hope Ian is behaving himself and not being a bad influence on you. 😉

      Thanks for your input I am glad you are happy with 365 no matter what the mix.

      • Ian’s not the problem (he’s a problem, but that’s a different story….)

        Just back from a week in the old home town, our travel trailer laden with stuff I have to dispose of. Aged uncle (92) heading for assisted living, giving me treasures including the 98-piece set of antique china that I don’t want, camera equipment, cookbooks, jewelry…. Stuff from a childhood friend whose husband is dying and wants to downsize…. stuff from a friend who is moving from country to town and unloading outdoor stuff. I have become a clearinghouse for other people’s stuff. It will all work out in the end, but at the moment input exceeds outgo and it’s overwhelming.

  7. I really enjoy that your site has a variety of types of posts. It keeps it fresh. Guest posts are great because we get to hear a different voice. And of course, who doesn’t like before and after photos?!

  8. Thanks for the credit! Love the befores and afters, the more the merrier as I commented.

    Love the eco tip (more than the grateful thought of the day). That being said, I felt your gratefulness was more for you to reflect, so if you want or need it, this is your blog, GO FOR IT! I prefer to use each eco tip as a barometer and to spark more action in that regards (so pleased to have coincidently found the coop I googled recently – man, I’m turning into ‘one of those’ hippies!)

    Don’t really use mini missions, but it gives me pause to consider the types of things. I like how now every day you remind the mini mission (even though I’m not doing it – it’s like revision!)

    Guest posts – well I love Cindy, but she’s not a guest! I’m happy for whatever honestly, I just read away everyday, always!

    • snosie, that was a great idea of you.

      colleen, keep the grateful-list up, if you feel like it, if you dont, dont. I do love the eco-tips for the day though. often I can smile and relax, because thats a habit of me already, but there are smart ideas in there.

      I follow mini missions on a irregular basis. sometimes, I am so busy with my own stuff, I really dont need the inspiration, but for example like this week, I almost needed them for things to pop up. please keep them.

      guests post are lovely. I liked them a lot. even if I didnt comment, doesnt mean, I dont read them. keep them coming!

      • Hi Lena, I do the mini missions in reverse some week, in that I have a selection of clutter removed and photographed in reserve and set the missions to match these items I have already decluttered.

        The grateful list seems quite popular so I may reinstate that. I am also pleased you are doing well with your own carbon footprint. Good for you!

    • Hi Snosie, that before and after suggestion was great. I am enjoying putting the page together. Thanks for the idea.

      I am glad you are getting greener all the time. I feel really happy when people tell me I have influenced them to do more to improve their carbon footprint. One person can help change the world by influencing many others.

    • Thanks!

  9. I like the variety too. I like this site, which is why I still come here even though I have nothing to de-clutter since we just had start over. I did de-clutter my dad’s house, but it was different because it wasn’t my stuff.. and I did it in a whirlwind of three days of hard work.

    Actually, “nothing to de-clutter” is not really true. Paper items come in the mail, daughter’s abandoned craft projects lie around… I guess it could be considered de-cluttering keeping those in check. No matter how little we have and how mindful we are about bringing any new stuff into our home, there is still bound to be the odd outgrown summer dress, the plastic “jewelry” she won at a fair with her grandpa but forgot about the next day…

    I like the eco-tips as I’m always striving to be more eco-friendly, and just a reminder that I can do better, or a nice notice of how much I’m already doing 🙂
    The gratefulness thing was nice too. Maybe you could add that every weekend for “what I’m grateful this week”. Though it’s good to be grateful, every day 🙂
    I never followed the mini-missions but they are probably very good for people doe-cluttering the 365-way!
    Guest posts are good!

    • Hi Cat’sMeow, you are also an inspiration to me with how decluttered you are and that you are doing such a good job raising your daughter this way.

      I hope you are now living in a safe place free from mould and that your health is improving.

      I like your idea of adding the gratitude item in on the weekends. Thanks for that suggestion I will consider it.

  10. I love that you are including a before-and-after page. I am always drawn to real-life examples. That’s why I loved both your posts and guest posts that included pictures (like Moni’s bookcase or your craft room declutter). I will be thrilled to read more of that.
    I like the guest posts on your blog very much. Whereas other blogs invite “famous” people over to write, you have your regular readers write, which really adds to the “community feeling” and it adds interest, as your guest writers are rather talking about a specific topic than just introducing themselves. I also liked all your posts that answered a question/problem of a reader you received via mail.
    However, though I’m drawn to these visible changes, I like the variety of posts on your blog. Sometimes it’s really hands-on, sometimes a little more philosophical, sometimes challenging… I’m wondering each day “what will be on 365lessthings today?”
    I’m not that much into the mini missions. I prefer the short and easy to remember ones, but as I’m not one of the eager fans of them, I’d say go for what those who really stick to them say. I like to read those missions on monday, it kind of brings the decluttering spirit back to the new week, but I usually am just using that declutter impulse, but declutter things different from the categories. I.e. for me, one “weekly mission” ( say “Have you checked your wardrobe lately?”) would be enough, but I think I remember from the comments that others love the daily missions.

    I also thought the gratefulness item was more for yourself, so feel free to write it, I also liked that it sometimes gave a little insight in your daily life (who was visiting or that you fight with daily inconveniences as well). If you prefer not blogging it though, that’s fine with me as well. I don’t miss it badly.
    Same goes for the eco tips. I like reading them, I re-check my own habits when reading them, but I probably wouldn’t miss them very much either.

    • Hi Sanna,
      Moni’s next instalment of the bookcase declutter will be published this coming Saturday so stay tuned.
      I am so glad you made reference to my guest posts being from my readers and not from famous people. That is what I love about them too. It isn’t about drawing attention to my blog for my own benefit but letting my readers see that other readers just like them are having success with their decluttering efforts.

      Thank you so much for your detailed input it seems to me that you see everything in my blog as I intend it to be. I really enjoyed reading this comment.

  11. Love your blog Colleen! and love that you care enough about your readers to ask for feedback.
    Grateful – I agree with Jen that it makes me focus on what’s important in my own life but Cat’sMeow’s suggestion of weekly might give them more of an impact.
    Eco Tips – I go green wherever I can so I like these.
    Before & After – Great! Pictures always resonate with me.
    Mondays – While I don’t typically follow the suggestions per se, it always gives me food for thought throughout the week.
    Guest posts – On one hand, I like other “voices” and enjoy the comments sections on this blog more than others but know I have stopped following other blogs because they used way too many guests and became disjointed. I think that’s why Cindy’s submissions fit so nicely. They give you both a slightly different perspective and yet are still consistant with the theme.

    • Hi Karen, thank you for your input and welcome to 365 Less Things.I am glad you like most things about the blog.

      I have wondered whether some readers might think that I am relying too much on guest posts and not writing so much myself these days. In fact I have just had a lot of offers to do guest post lately and I love to share what my readers are up to, allow them to share their successes and for others to see that the slow and steady approach is working for them. We have so much to learn from each other. I love that you were honest enough to point out that some blogs lose touch with their readers by overuse of this options and I will certainly keep that in mind.

  12. Colleen, I really enjoy the eco tips, especially as they relate to what happens to the stuff we declutter. I also like getting ideas for repurposing things, creative ways to use stuff up, and how to sell and donate different items. Yes to the guest posts and mini missions. Like others, I don’t always do each mini mission but sometimes I find something there I haven’t worked on, yet. I also second what Sanna said about the guest posts. It’s nice to see some from your regular readers.

    • Hi Anita,
      It seems many readers don’t necessarily do the mini missions but they do get them thinking about what else is lying around the house that could go. That is as much the reason I keep adding them as anything else so I think what I am doing is working so they will stay for sure. Thanks for you input.

  13. I prefer the eco tip rather than the grateful post. love mini missions. as long as the posts promote simplicity, it does not matter who writes them.

    • Hi teri,
      thank you for your input. I am glad you and many other readers like the eco tips. I hope there are many more people like you and Iwho are trying to do their best to improve their carbon footprint.

  14. I liked “something I’m grateful for”, but having it on an occasional basis would be fine.
    It was especially nice to know how your son was doing after his accident. Everything else is fine. I don’t think I even noticed the eco-tips. Silly me. I think that you should feel free to add or subtract things as it fits your needs. Mini missions have never worked for me, but that’s one day when I feel I can skip reading it. I love the guest posts. Basically, I consider yours the top minimalist blog and one of the top 20 blogs I read (and I read over 600 every day), so you must be doing a lot right.

    • Jude – I’m impressed with your level of blogging. By any chance you don’t know of a daily blog for fittness and weight loss? 365 has turned a clutterbug into a minimalist, maybe something else could turn me into an Olympian!

    • Thank you so much Jude your opinion means a lot to me and I mean that. You are always frank and honest and I appreciate that in people. The fact that you think so much of my blog is heartwarming indeed. Thank you.

      The gratitude item really kept me focused on my blessing during that painful time of Liam’s accident and I will forever be eternally grateful to you and my other readers for the wonderful support you all gave me. It buoyed my spirits and gave me hope.

  15. Colleen, I’m for all of the things listed. More though I am for whatever you enjoy doing and whatever keeps your blog coming. I liked the grateful items because it gave a bit of a peek into your day. To be honest, your blog is something I really look forward to each day. I hate when I have a day like yesterday where I didn’t get to read it until late and I was too tired to answer. Yesterday I was again with S and I took before pictures. Let me just say that she has really gotten into this and we are both excited.

    • Deb J – I love hearing updates on S – and YAY before photos! As you are progressing is S starting to lift in her spirits?

      • Moni, S is very excited. Every day she calls me to tell me what new she has accomlished. Today she cleaned everything out of the chest of drawers in this “craft” room and came up with a very good idea of how to use them. She also was able to get her husband do do a couple of things she wanted him to do. She’s on fire and it is so very good to see.

        • Deb J – I’m doing a happy dance to hear this! Another 365’er in the making!

          I personally am surprised in my own house how many sets of drawers are now surplus.

          Please keep posting updates on S, I love hearing about the progress!

    • Hi Deb J, let me first tell you that your company over the years has been a delight to me. The progress you have made with your mom has been an inspiration. And your constant support and contributions a blessing to the blog and to me personally.

      I am sorry I was late on Saturday. I had a busy week last week and was running behind. I did think of you when I was finally publishing it, and wondered if you were wondering what had happened to me. I figure better late than never though.

      Well done with your bid to help S declutter. You are a great influence and a clearly a wonderful friend.

      I am so looking forward to publishing your post about mom this Thursday so stay tuned for the responses that it will generate. Thanks again.

      • Ha! I didn’t even know you were late getting the blog out. I was the one that I was talking about being late. I usually catch yours as soon as it posts but I was gone all day so didn’t even see it until after 6 that night.

        I’m working on a post for you about S. With pictures.

  16. I prefer the eco tips. Where I live (in Georgia) it seems that really isn’t promoted as much as in other countries or maybe even other parts of the US, so I like to read about that. I’m very visual, so I love the before and after pics and pics of items that are being decluttered. I can take or leave the mini mission Monday, but only because it doesn’t apply to me personally as I’m pretty far into decluttering. As far as posts, I love to read about and/or see photos of minimalist homes and lifestyles. I really don’t know any minimalists personally, so I rely on the internet for inspiration. I like to see both extreme and more mainstream minimalist homes and how they function as well as how they got that way. I would love to hear about minimalist travel, especially with kids…reducing the amount we take with us when we travel is still a hurdle.

    • Hi Henave,
      thank you for adding your opinion. I am glad you are benefiting from the eco tips or more to the point I am glad the environment is benefiting from you implementing the eco tips. Thanks you for doing your part to reduce to overall carbon footprint of the human race.

      I will consider doing more posts on minimalist travel. Maybe someone with young kids might consider writing a post for me as mine are now old enough to travel on their own. They were only about 11 and 13 when we started our more minimalist travel habits so I suppose I still do have some experience in this situation so perhaps I am qualified after all.

  17. I enjoy the guest posts
    I liked the grateful statements (they remind me to to stop and think of what I am grateful for too) but I could take it or leave it for the eco tips.
    Before and after is GREAT! I wish I could remember to take more pictures of the decluttering process too.
    Mini missions are great! I don’t always do them, but it’s comforting to know they are there waiting — and sometimes I do them all at once 😉
    That’s my 2 cents worth.
    Do keep it up, I get so much out of this blog!

  18. I think you are doing a fabulous job!
    The before and afters are my absolute favorite; and I enjoy that you are willing to have guests post about that in particular.

    I mostly enjoy hearing that you’re always happy to declutter thing X. That you haven’t regretted de-cluttering anything. Or more specifically, that you have found ways (like with the plant platter thing) to make unitaskers into multitaskers, thus freeing up another item for decluttering.

    No matter what, don’t stop posting, we love you!

    • Thank you Laura, my ego enjoyed your input. I love the process of adapting and improvising the decluttering process sometimes forces me to involve myself in. I get so much pleasure from my successes and enjoy sharing them with my readers. So thank you for being one of my audience it really is a symbiotic relationship.

  19. Something I am Grateful for Today – don’t miss it
    Eco Tip for the Day – they are OK, but I wouldn’t miss them
    Before & After page – good idea
    Monday Mini Missions – one word missions are good for me
    Guest posts – I really like them, gives a different perspective as they come from people at different stages and with different problems.
    Readers problems posts – also very interesting, especially the comments from the 365ers – lot of experience in our community!

    • Hi calicoginger, thank you for your simple responses to my enquiries. They were straight to the point and at 9pm the simpler the answers the better my tired mind can process them.

      You are so right there is a lot of experience in our community. I thank all my readers for that.

  20. Hi there! I have been religiously following your blog daily for the past few months though this is my first time commenting. I love the Monday Mini Missions, they are so useful! I may not be able to declutter the said item on that day but when I do, I already have a mini reference list to help. I also enjoy the the daily things you are grateful about. It never fails to make me think of one for myself that day. The suggestions for the Before and After page would be amazing, it would be a tamgible visual inspiration to help us achieve our decluttering goals. Lastly, for me, I can do without the Friday Favorites, I never have the time to click on the links to continue reading although it seems that a lot of other people enjoy it. Thank you so much for your time in setting up this wonderful blog, I couldn’t tell you how much it means to me 🙂

    • Hi Jenny, thank you for taking the time to give your opinion on my blog. Also welcome to 365 Less Things. I hope you will interact more often and maybe send some before and after shots of your own sometime.

  21. Well, I find I am enjoying the eco tips.
    I also enjoyed the gratitude thingy too.

    I virtually never do the mini missions, as it doesn’t suit my life – I have to declutter in phases, as my health and energy ebbs and flows. But this is a ‘declutter something everyday’ blog so I have always seen the mini missions as intrinsic to it and it clearly is very useful to others.
    Because you declutter something everyday, it helps keeps decluttering to the forefront of my mind, even if I do not feel well enough all th time to participate.

    I love the comments section and your interaction with us all Colleen and I am in an endless state of admiration as to how you still find things to write.
    Guest posts are really great and I am always a sucker for before and after pics – it’s instant gratification!
    At the end of the day (is that a UK expression?) Colleen, keep doing things you enjoy and it will shine through.

  22. Colleen, I like the variety of posts and I do like the eco-tips. While I don’t always use the mini-mission and it sometimes makes me feel overwhelmed because I am not getting rid of somethin each day, it does sometimes spark ideas for things to get rid of. I think the before and afters are a great idea.

    Thanks for blogging; 365 less things is one of my favorites.

  23. Colleen, I love both the Eco tips and the things I’m grateful for today. Keep them coming! Tanya

  24. Just a quick little comment Colleen – as you know I’ve already said I love the before and afters.
    This is just to say I like all the detail in the Monday mini- missions- more work for you but I enjoy reading whatever you have to say .
    Fridays – yes please – keep those too !
    and guest posts always interesting too.
    And I like being reminded that we all have something to be grateful for!
    Eco tips – fine but wouldn’t miss them .
    Love the blog ! My decluttering is really just maintenance now – for example my husband came home from the pharmacy with a sort of gym bag which was a freebie with a purchase.It was beautifully made BUT do we need it ? No, no ,no- dropped it off yesterday at the thrift shop.Once upon a time I would have kept it just in case we needed it “one day”.Not anymore!! If they had tried to give it to me I would have politely refused but my husband wasn’t quite in that mind set- but that’s ok -it’s gone now and someone will enjoy it.

    • Jez – I know what you mean about gym bags – 4 went to charity yesterday, we found them up in our ceiling storage behind the suitcases.

      • Hi Moni – I think a few years ago I may have decluttered 4 gym bags in one go too- we would easily have accumulated that many over the years with three children in the house – and in those days probably even welcomed another one… (gym bag , not child). I can’t believe how much stuff needed to go once I really started. Good luck with your book case and I love your contributions which so often make me laugh out loud- so thank you for that!

  25. I love everything about this site. Love the mini-missions as it gives me good ideas on what I can declutter. I am a newbie to 365LESS so need lots of help. Please continue to do them on Monday to give me a list to consider at the beginning of the week but I really like the reminder on each day’s post telling me of “today’s mission”.
    I like the fact that everyone responds and feels free to do so. I enjoy reading everyone else’s experiences.
    Like having guest posters. Gives a different view and gives you a rest from writing everyday.
    I have been very pleased with the grateful note. It reminds me to think of what I am grateful for everyday. I agree with some who wrote that you could say something once in a while or whenever the mood strikes you.
    I try to be as eco-friendly as I can so don’t really think too much about that info but continue to include it if you want to.
    Lastly, I am so glad I found your site. I am making progress albeit slowly but now I am feeling better, can get back on track. Thank you, everyone for your support.

  26. I want to thank everyone for taking time to write to Colleen. It’s gratifying to see what a powerful affect her work has on all of us.

  27. I enjoy your website. I do like the new eco-tip, but I also think it is good to remember to be grateful for something each day. I don’t follow most of the mini missions. I don’t refer back to the post for each day that week. It would probably be easier if there was just a little tip for the post that day. I like the idea of before and after pictures. Thanks for all you do.

  28. Sorry to be late replying but I wanted to let you know again how much I love your blog and get daily inspiration from it. The eco tips are great and even though I’m doing a lot of them already I think it’s good to be reminded how important it is to be taking these steps for our planet and its inhabitants. The daily gratitude thought is something I try to do myself and I enjoy reading the things for which you are grateful. However, you are maintaining a blog that has many other aspects on which to focus so perhaps a weekly gratitude post will be all you wish to contribute. As many have said before me, even if I don’t achieve all the daily mini missions they provide lots of ideas for future reference! Before and afters are always fun to see and provide further inspiration if any is needed. Honestly Colleen, whatever you decide to do will be just fine with me.

  29. (1) I think the eco tip is a great idea and something useful for those who want to think about the world around you.

    (2) Before and After is an excellent idea and nothing motivates folks more than seeing other people’s success and having pictures is even better.

    (3) Guest posts are always a great way to share other folks ideas and successes. I say this knowing you would not just put any guest post up, but ones that fit your theme and audience.

    Continue your great work Colleen!

  30. Hello Colleen:
    I want to add my 2 cents. I like the Things I Am Grateful For Today blurb. It reminds me to be grateful, a practice that never goes out of style or gets stale. I like Eco Tip too, so why not both? Grateful can be weekly, and Eco can be weekly. Or whatever. Promoting gratefulness is just as important as Ecological Tips, probably more so.

    I love Before and After shots, very inspirational.

    I enjoy the guest posting. It gives a different perspective, which is a nice mix.

    All in all, whatever you do is good in my book, but since you asked…