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Cindy’s Weekly Wisdom


I received this email from my dear friend Natalie: So here is a decluttering task that I am tackling.  Computer clutter.   I went through my saved emails — deleted lots of obsolete ones – including whole folders (eg. Arkansas trip), made new folders for some.  Last night I rearranged my task bar — I took out all of automatic tabs I don’t use (most of them) and added in my own — the elementary school, middle school, middle school band, etc.  Next up I’m tackling my bookmark list.  Guess my desktop will be next — making sure my files are organized (I don’t have too many). 

When Natalie sent me this email, I’d been thinking a lot about electronic clutter myself. There are so many hiding places for e clutter, and it can bog you down as much as physical clutter. Here are some areas that may need improvement in your life:

Your computer desk top: Do you have shortcuts that you don’t use, old programs, or web “favorites” that you no longer access? Are your favorites in alphabetical order, or at least an order that makes sense to you? If appropriate, make use of folders, so you can keep like with like.

Your computer itself: What programs do you have that you don’t need or use? Have you run a spyware program recently to make sure that your computer isn’t full of cookies that you really don’t want tracking your every move? Do you have a cache of emails as long as your arm? Those need to go!

Digital photos: This could be a month’s project, I know, but there’s really no use in keeping multiple, nearly identical photos of the same event. Personally, I recommend deleting them off your camera before you even down load them and then, once they’re on the computer and you can see them more clearly, deleting more, if necessary. As for the ones on the computer already, sort and label, sort and label. I just downloaded all my photos onto Picasa. I was so amazed by its facial recognition abilities; it could tell the difference betwwen my daughers as babies faster than I could. I certainly don’t know all its capabilities, but I’m very impressed at the extra level or organization it’s afforded me so far.

Your iPod or smart phone: Again, what programs do you have that you no longer need or use? My girls and I went through my iPod and eliminated 6 games that no one is playing any more. No, they don’t really take up any room, but they’re still clutter, something that I have to flip through on my way to get to the app I want.

Any phone: Do you have phone numbers that you don’t need or want? Are your phone numbers synchronized between your different devices? When I looked through my phone, I realized that I had a bunch of phone numbers from our remodel that I no longer wanted. I have them stored elsewhere, and I don’t need the roofer, mason, or tile guy in my cell phone.  What about your speed dial numbers? Are these the people you want on speed dial? Should you shift them around?

While it’s true that electronic clutter doesn’t take up any physical room, we all use our computers and electronic devices so much that disorganization and excess that can slow our personal efficiency as well as the speed of our devices.

Today’s Declutter Item

This duvet/doona cover has languished in my linen closet since I replaced it years ago with another. On reflection I can’t imagine why I replaced it with one that was almost the same colour but a different fabric. I hope my memory is fading and that the reason was that I changed size, because that is the only thing that makes sense now. Otherwise it would seem like a waste of money and a resources. It is now going to the thrift shop where hopefully someone will get maximum use out of it.

Duvet / Doona Cover

Something I Am Grateful For Today

My little girl is home from America safe and sound and she never asked for money once. See miracles do happen. 😉

It matters not how fast I go, I hurry faster when I’m slow

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  1. I hope your girl had a great time in Seattle! Wow, no requests for money? Mark this accomplishment on your calender!

    When I have a few extra minutes and I’m already on my computer, I click over to my photos and run through a folder or two, deleting the photos I realize I will never choose to use or look at again. Just a few at a time, but soon I’ll have them all organized.

  2. Oh my yes!! This is one place I need to get to work on. I have been Women’s Ministry Director for our church for two years and that means I also am on the Leadership Team. Between photos for the WM events, monthly financial reports for the church, and a myriad of other things plus my personal stuff my computer is way too cluttered. I just have to take the time to go through every report and every photo and every whatever to see what I have to keep and what I can dump. Once I resign at the end of April, I will be able to pass along all of the business stuff to the next director. Then I will have much less on my computer.

  3. Colleen,
    It will be sooo good to have your daughter back home safely, and great that she’s had the travel experience (travelling with parents is so not the same thing).

    • Hi Ann,
      it sure isn’t when they travel with us we pay for everything. I think they prefer that. 😆 This is the third time she has returned to America on her own. She has plenty of friends there to stay with so we know she is safe. It is just like going home to her.