Day 130 Reuse and recycle

Think about it for a minute, all the stuff in your home that you thought you needed at one point or another and never used to its potential (AKA Clutter)  is likely to become landfill prematurely  if you don’t pass it on now to a good home where it will no doubt at least fulfill another person’s needs for a period of time before either being used to it’s true potential or get passed on again until it does.

I was so please with all my eBay sales last week not only because they put a little bit of cash back into my pocket but also the items I sold are now being used by someone else. There are two benefits to this 1.) the items are not going to waste 2.) the people who bought them are not contributing to landfill or production pollution by having to buy these items new.

While reading through the posts at Sanity In Simplicity I came across a link to a thought provoking video (The Story of Stuff) which is worth a look if you want to scare yourself into recycling what you no longer use and reducing what you buy in the future.


I received $30.00 for these three items on eBay, not my best sale but they have now gone to a new home where they will be reused and that is the most rewarding result of this exercise.

IMG_1211Ski Jacket BridgetSki Gloves 1

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