Day 139 My trusty note book

I may have mentioned before that I have a note book that I use to keep track of things to do. Whether that be decluttering and daily chores, subjects for my blog or duties I intend to get around to eventually. I find it handy to be able to jot down ideas as they come to me because I have a tendency to forget ten minutes later and that is very unproductive.

Lately I have had this back-up of eBay stuff to list, mail and await pick-up so I haven’t had to do much else to keep up with the one item a day approach so I have been exploring my home finding projects for the upcoming weeks and that is where my trusty note book has been very useful for storing ideas for the future.

Today I thought I would at least do one thing on the list and the item I picked was…

One less pair of shoes

This was an easy enough challenge and the aim was to fit all my shoe boxes on one shelf in my wardrobe. These boxes are clear plastic which made it easy to see what I had to choose from. The pair I chose turned out to be a prime example of if you don’t use it you can loose it because when I opened the box I noticed they were slightly mouldy and when I took them from the box  it became apparent that the glue holding them together had perished and the shoes felt crunchy in my hand . So instead donating them to charity they ended up in the trash can.

With that task accomplished I can move on to the next task on the list…Pare down the cookbooks again. With the ability to look up anything on the Internet these days there are so many recipes available on-line that I see no point in cluttering up one kitchen cupboard with cookbooks I rarely look at. I can borrow recipe books from the library as well if I want. But this is a job for another day.


The shoes mentioned above


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  1. Cookbooks! Great idea. I think I will go through mine tomorrow. You are so right. Lately I’ve been looking on-line to find recipes, especially if I’m short on time and don’t have any to look through cookbooks. My goal will be to pare down to at least half of what I currently have. Thanks!