Day 141 Mind Games

Procrastination is a subject I have touched on probably more than once already as on Day 100 Procrastination-Clutter of the mind. It is a subject worth revisiting on a regular basis because it is a road block that often holds people back from getting things done.

One of the biggest problems with procrastination is that you feel like you have put a lot of effort into tackling a job when in actual fact all you have done in exhaust yourself with the mental stain of over thinking the situation and not actually physically doing anything about it.

It is a similar problem to taking a day out occasionally to just chill out and relax and then spend most of the day feeling guilty because you have indulged yourself and not done anything useful with your time. The day ends and you feel mentally drained from trying to justify the break you deserved and don’t feel like you have taken a day off at all.

Nothing crazy about either of these situations is there????

My solution to the procrastination problem is just get up and start doing something, anything about it.  For example there seems to be a lot of people with messy basements on the blogs I read. These basements seem to be cluttered with all kinds of things some being harder to decide about than others. To get moving I suggest just start on the easiest things and work your way along hopefully inspiration will strike as you progress and the job will start to flow and the next thing you know the job is done and you will feel so much better.

Break up the big task into smaller tasks for example there may be a pile of old clothes to go through in one corner, some boxes of paperwork in another, old toys the kids no longer use in another etc… tackle one area at a time and don’t think about it as one big tasks but a bunch of smaller tasks that aren’t so difficult. I like to leave the hardest task until last so I feel like I am making quick progress which raises my spirits and keeps me going.

And keeping in mind my 365lessthings approach you don’t have tackle the whole job in one go just do one task a day if that is all you feel up to. Each time you go back to the job it will be a bit smaller than the last and won’t seem so daunting. If your laundry is down in the basement you could choose an item to get rid of every time you go down to take care of a load of washing and eventually there will be nothing left.

The physical effort of getting the job done is much better for you than the metal stress of doing nothing about it. Just consider it one more day that you feel justified about not going to the gym. Exercise is exercise no matter what form it comes in.

As for my second problem, not being able to relax without feeling guilty about it, I have absolutely no expertise in this area so if you know the solution I would be glad to take your advice.


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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. How about putting relaxation on your to do list? Schedule a certain amount of time to ‘relax for health’ and then you can check it off your list and not feel guilty.

  2. @ Willow – LOL I like that idea!

  3. @ Willow – Exactly! And remind yourself that your relaxation appointment is to help get rid of all the unhealthy stress clutter that is bogging you down so that you can’t get back to getting rid of the physical clutter around you refreshed, renewed, and ready. No guilt should be attached to anything done for health reasons. 🙂

    • Thanks for that advice Donna. It is interesting how everyone seems to have their Akiles Heal and this one is mine. I know intellectally what I should be doing but mentally I fall short. It comes from western societies habit of measuring peoples worth by how much money they make and being a homemaker and mother doesn’t pay a whole lot. I promise I will work on it.

  4. Even batteries need to be recharged to function properly.