Day 186 Need your help on this one

Cindy recently sent me a list of subjects she would like me to cover in some posts. One of the subject was decluttering with friends. Although this sounds like a fun approach to decluttering I personally have had no experience  of it  aside from palming my unwanted stuff off onto them. Unfortunately my friends still love to shop and have not embraced my minimising lifestyle at all.

What I would like though, in order to satisfy Cindy’s desire for the subject, is to canvas my readers on any experience you have had with this. If you have a story to share with me please send me an email through CONTACT COLLEEN with “Helping Hand” in the subject line. I would rather you did that than leave a comment at the bottom of this post. This way I can collate the information and send it out in an upcoming post.

I did broach this subject once on day 76 in relation to getting a friend to help declutter your wardrobe. I suppose the advantages I wrote about in that post could relate just as well to other clutter not only clothes. Some of the benefits could be..

  • Someone to help you choose what stays and what goes
  • Someone to share the work load
  • Someone to pick you up and keep you focused
  • Someone to make you a good strong coffee when the strain gets you down
  • Someone to share resources with (borrow rather than keep)
  • Someone to have a good laugh with at the silly things you didn’t realise you still own.

I won’t add any more at this point I will leave the ideas up to you so please don’t disappoint Cindy and send in those emails.


These are the items that were thrown away from my son’s drawer from yesterday’s post
Thrown Out Shoe lacesLiam Sentimental Clutter

aside from palming my unwatn
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  1. I’ve no experience with decluttering with a friend but will be looking forward to the post you do after collating the information.

    • Hi betty Jo,
      lets hope I get enough information to work with. Deb J sent one throught this morning that was very helpful.
      As for the key thing I tend to pick up that sort of information and it just sticks in my head I take after my dad with that I think.

  2. BTW, thanks so much for the advice about the keys. You taught me something with your comment.

  3. It sound like fun – make a play date to declutter 😀

    • Hi Cat’s Meow,
      I take it you have never tried this approach either. Stay tuned for the results from the emails I have recieved there are some interesting and fun experiences shared.

  4. I sent you an email earlier today. I hope you received it…

    • Hi Willow,
      I sure did and it will be very useful. I have been taking a little longer to reply to comments for the last week or so because my boss has been out of town I am having to work extra hours. The extra money is great but I am missing having coffe with friends and the extra time I usually have to do other things. Thanks for making the effort to keep commenting even though you are on the road. Have fun out there and drive carefully.