Day 218 Favourite Five Comments & Links

I have decided to dedicate Fridays to my favourite five reader comments and links I enjoyed throughout the week. Today is the first edition I hope you enjoy it.

My Favourite Five Comments

  1. Cindy on Day 216:- I have a trash can with a lid that raises automatically. We put rechargeable batteries in it and only change them once or twice a year. I love it that it opens when my hands are full and gunky; I love it because it keeps all odors in; I love it because I reused dog food bags… Read More
  2. Willow on Day 215:-  I agree Stephanie that the declutering/minimizing/simplifying process is a pulling off of layers. Usually it starts with the physical items and then moves in to the mental and emotional areas that are ‘cluttered’. And it’s an ongoing process and the two often overlap… Read More
  3. From Donna on Day 215:- Great post and comments. I totally agree with Willow and the layers analogy. In June I had a fairly successful yard sale and sold a lot of stuff. Once it was all gone I felt pretty giddy about it for a while. Then after I had adjusted to the removal of that layer, I started looking… Read More
  4. Annie on Day 214:- I agree with voting with our wallets by not purchasing or using certain items. I still use plastic bags at the store but they are brought home and used again to carry things, insulate things and make things, or just as trash bags. I no longer purchase paper towels or bathroom tissue… Read More
  5. Angelina on Day 210:-I’ve been reading your blog daily and wanted to thank you for sharing your blog with all of us. I love a clean, simple house. Growing up we didn’t have much. When we came to the States everything changed. My parents gave us everything they thought we might… Read More

My Five Favourite Links

  1. Becoming Minimalist – 12 Reasons Why You’ll Be Happier in a Smaller Home
  2. Om Freely (Live your life out loud) – On Changing Your Therostat
  3. Zen Habits – 7 Simple Ways To Say “No”
  4. Minimalist Woman – Gratitude for a Simplified Life
  5. People, Not Stuff –3 true reasons I find minimalism challenging


We got good use out of these at one point but they haven’t seen the light of day for three years. It is time for them to go.

Old Balls

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Overheard at a furniture consignment store today, 3 ladies NOT on the decluttering band wagon: “You don’t understand the way I shop; I buy and figure out where it will fit later.” And “Where would you put that chair?” “For right now? In the garage.” I shook my head but was thankful that at least they were buying used . . . clutter.

    • Hi Cindy,
      sadly I sell furniture and this is a commen occurence. I think I may have to give this job up and get out of retail as my attitude to wasteful shoppers really makes it difficult to do my job effectively some days.

  2. I had wondered about that Colleen. My husband would like me to get a job and retail seems the most flexible, but then there’s that darn selling problem.

  3. Hey Colleen, thank you for the linkage — I really appreciate the love!

  4. Thanks for the shout out, Colleen. I had occasion to pull out the reference to onion layer decluttering this morning in a phone discussion with a friend.

    Looking for a new job? You could sell minimalist furniture 🙂

    • Hi Willow,
      it is always my pleasure you often leave thought provoking comments and I appreciate that.
      As for getting a new job, I am working on that.

  5. Thanks for the link love, Colleen! I, too, was wondering how you manage work in retail given your real attitude toward stuff, but then I remembered how convenient it was for getting boxes for mailing off stuff you sold on eBay 😉

  6. Thanks for the shout out for me too. 🙂
    Possible job to consider: professional organizer/declutter. You could get paid to tell people to “get rid of that crap!”

    • Hi Donna,
      Maybe I could start my own declutter business and I will call it “Get rid of that Crap” or maybe “Crap-b-Gone” lol

  7. Dear Colleen,

    Thought you would be glad to know I have donated my unwanted hand towels to work for everyone to use in the bathroom instead of paper towels. The bad news is I may have to be the washerwoman.

    best regards,
    Leanne the discarding clothes traveller

    • Hi Leanne,
      how lovely to hear from you again. You should be proud of yourself donating your items and your cleaning time to your work mates and all in the name of recycling. That’s one more win in the fight against Supply & demend. You are a champion.

      ( for those other readers who may read this response Leanne is the star of this post back on day 122 , Novel Clothing Declutter Story)


  1. […] Cindy on Day 218:- Overheard at a furniture consignment store today, 3 ladies NOT on the decluttering band wagon: “You don’t understand the way I shop; I buy and figure out where it will fit later.” … Read More […]