Day 281 Friday’s Favourite Five

Five great comments from over the last week

There were so many great comments this week it was hard to choose.
Annabelle on day 275 – …Just releasing our own selves from the darn ‘project’ is freeing on its own… Read more
Jude on Day 276 – This didn’t inspire to try them… Read more
Di on Day 277 – I am so glad you started the “5 Things I am Grateful for Today” section… Read more
Amy on Day 278 – …too many people put pressure on themselves to go fast.. Read more
Jo on Day 280 – …You can get rid of the oddest things – I had an electric frypan… Read More

Five Post I have enjoyed from other blogs this week

Finding me in France – I case you weren’t moved to read through this blog that I suggested last week I have plucked out one post full of great advice for life to share with you. Perspective
Tiny BuddhaTiny Wisdom: On Leaping
Om FreelyOn Miscommunications
Be more with lessHow to live in the land of enough
Art of minimalismInsane productivity Thanks to Betty Jo for bring my attention to this link. Also please check out this link included in the post – 3 dirty words change the world.


More keepsake clutter for the garbage. It’s not much but every little thing counts.

Keepsake Clutter

5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. Automatic Washing Machines – I remember as a child using the old round machines with the wringer on top and having to rinse by hand. No no no I never want to go back there.
  2. Cold Tablets & Ibuprofen – yes you guessed it I have the dreaded lurgy.
  3. Leftovers – I know I’ve used this one before but whne you feel rotten it’s nice not to have to cook dinner.
  4. Flickr – it is so easy to download pictures to share with you on my blog.
  5. Discovering an episode of Big Bang Theory that I hadn’t seen before.


As promised above are some of my flower pics.

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Colleen is the founder of 365 Less Things and lives in Newcastle, Australia.


  1. Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon, Colleen.

    I love my washing machine, too! When we lived in Papua, I did laundry in the river for 3 months and then we got a gas powered wringer washer and when the motor died on that we hired a woman to hand wash all our clothes. Once we returned to the US, electricity and automatic washing machines, I kid you not, I leaned over and kissed my washer!

    • Hi Willow,
      wow! That does sound like a chore it makes for a good story though. I understand you kissing the washer I think I would too.

  2. I will always be grateful for the washer and dryer. I remember the old wringer washer my Mom used when I was small and having to hang everything on the line–even in the dead of a northern Ohio winter.

    I am having a great time cleaning out clothes I can no longer wear–have lost weight–and old craft projects that never got done. Feels so good.

    • Hi Deb J,
      I remember my grandmother getting her arm caught in one of the wringers once. She was badly bruised for a while.

      Good for you loosing weight and for ridding yourself of the excess clothes and craft items you no longer need/use.

    • Do you remember hanging clothes out in the winter and they would freeze and almost crack??

      • Hi Jessiejack,
        I didn’t have that problem where I lived because it never got that cold. I could imagine it happening though. My mother has photos of icicles hanging off my grandmother’s clothes line once when I was very small.

  3. I remember those machines – I used to put my hand through the ringer on a regular basis. Then I moved on to a Hoovermatic Twin Tub – and how many times did I flood the kitchen with that! Mind you, now that washing is so easy I think we wash things far too much – my kids wear something once and it’s in the hamper, clean or not…

    • Hi Calico ginger,
      my crazy mother still uses a twin tub. She won’t use anything else because “they are a waste of water” and” take too long”. I try to find a reason to do my washing at my sisters when I go there to visit because the twin tub is a pain in the a**.
      I have the opposite problem with my son I nearly have to prise the clothes off his back to get them into the wash or wait until he is a sleep and steal them off his floor. Teenagers – what can you do.

  4. I also remember the wringer washers and the twin tubs – we are dating ourselves, ladies, but doesn’t it make you appreciate automatic washers and dryers?!

  5. Your pictures are amazing – we have nothing remotely like them where I live (eastern Canada).