Day 288 Friday’s Favourite Five

My favourite five comments for this week

Once again there were so many great comments this week that I had a hard time choosing but here are the five I had to restrict myself to. To everyone who isn’t in the five this week I thank you all for the great input that you contributed to make my post more informative. Check out Sunday’s post you may find yourself there.

Bronwyn on Day 283 – I love the way you look at things…!!! And the way you have given me permission to let go… Read more

Isabella on Day 284 – I have another benefit – a clearer mind… Read more.

Karin on Day 285 – I still have a looong way to go, but I love the rewards… Read more.

Willow on Day 285 – Choices: I joined Project 333 and am limiting my clothing… Read more.

Becky on Day 286 – As a former “recreational shopper” who’s been reformed for a long time now… Read more

Five post I enjoyed reading from other blogger this week

Finding me in FranceYou get what you pay for.

So Much More Life – your mind

Becoming MinimalistKeeping words plain and simple (I know I can stand you use a little bit of this advice)

Step 1 Minimalist – Kaizen

The Art of Minimalism – How to increase consciousness and improve your quality of life


With the amount of hours my husband spent playing this game I feel reasonably confident that if the pilot and co-pilot on our next flight were both rendered unable to fly that my husband could step in a save the day. Let’s hope it never comes to that!

Computer Game (D)

5 Things I am grateful for today

  1. It is the last shift at my current jobI managed to pin point the main reason for leaving  and that is that I have never felt more undervalued in a job in all my life and that is hard to take. Sounds like a bit of a negative spin on gratitude I know but it makes me all the more grateful that I have made a stand.
  2. Life’s Lessons – although I am finally moving on to a new phase I realise that the last three years have taught me some valuable lessons in life and I am grateful for that and hope I never forget what I have learned.
  3. See the bright side – I prefer to be a cup half full kind of person.
  4. Being in a position to choose – I realise that I am fortunate to be in a position where I can choose to move on without have to worry about financial burdens. Some of my friends aren’t so lucky.
  5. My friend Liz – She and I have such philosophical conversations together more so than any friend I have had before and I love her for that.


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  1. Don’t you just love the phrase recreational shopper? It really makes you think about why we consume and collect things we really don’t need…


    • Hi Bobbi,
      Yes that phrase really does sum it up nicely doesn’t it – shopping just for the sake of it – you have to wonder what the less fortunate think of that. It makes me feel ashamed of my past transgressions. It does sound like a good post topic though I must go and start a draft. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the link to FindmeinFrance. What an inspiring story! And yes, recreational shopping is an appropriate term…ugh!

    • Hi Willow,
      Bobbi is such a hoot isn’t she. I haven’t had my fix of Finding Me in France for a couple of days as I have been away again. Easy day tomorrow so I will catch up then.
      Also there will be more about recreational shopping in tomorrow’s post.