Day 305 Shower cleaning

A couple of weeks back I promised I would let you know my shower cleaning routine so here is how I clean my shower…

  1. If there are any mouldy areas I squeeze a little toilet cleaner with bleach on those areas and let sit for a few minutes before I do the next step.
  2. Either clean it right after it has been used or turn on the hot water for five minutes to steam up the surfaces. This softens the soap scum and makes it easier to remove.
  3. Clean the outside of the shower while the inside is steaming up. I use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe down the entire outside surface and then polish it with a glass cleaning microfibre mitt/cloth.
  4. Spray out the entire shower with a multi-purpose spray-n-wipe cleaner.
  5. Now I use a microfibre cloth to clean the glass surfaces and their frames one panel at a time starting with the door. Just keep rubbing until the surface feels smooth under the cloth. When I am satisfied the surface is clean I polish it dry with the glass cleaning microfibre mitt.
  6. Next I clean the tiled surfaces and the shower head and taps by wiping over with the microfibre cloth. By now the surface cleaner should make this job easy. I do the floor last.
  7. I leave the shower door open while I am cleaning to lessen the fumes from the spray -n-wipe. I rinse my microfibre cloth often as I work.

Check out this link to TLC Home for some great bathroom cleaning tips

Shower Cleaners – The one problem I have with cleaning solutions specific to showers is that they all need to be rinsed off. I find that to be the most awkward step of the whole process. I do not have one of those hose type shower heads in my upstairs bathroom so rinsing is a real pain. I have found that this has been a problem for me in most houses I have lived in. For all that extra effort rinsing they don’t seem to be any better at cleaning in my opinion, and you have to ask how toxic are they if ” rinse thoroughly” is  an essential step in the cleaning process. You should wear gloves while using these harsh products and the fumes are pretty strong too. That is why I don’t use them.

Dry off the shower after use – One of the most effective ways to prevent soap scum build up and mildew is to dry off the shower after each use. The best way to go about this is to use a window cleaning squeegee with a microfibre covered sponge attachment like the one from Enjo.

Personally I do not use this method simply because  in my mind if it takes 3 minutes everyday to wipe down the shower that adds up to 42 minutes in a two week period.  I only clean my shower every two weeks and it probably takes about 20 minutes so time wise it doesn’t make sense. It is possibly more effective over time when it comes to mildew issues and maybe I will experiment with this method and see if it makes enough difference .

Soap Scum – Talc in soap is responsible for build up of soap scum better to use liquid soap

Shower curtain – wash with a cup of vinegar in your washing machine. It will also clean the machine while you are at it. Vinegar not only cleans off the mould and mildew but kills the spores and prevents it from coming back.


If I have used this item before will someone please tell me where. It was one of the items I had put aside for while I was on vacation but I don’t think it ever made it to a post. They were a gift from a lovely lady I worked with in Seattle but I really don’t have a place for them.

Maroushka dolls

5 Things I am grateful for today.

  1. A good night’s sleep – I only woke once in the night and that wasn’t until about 5:30am, which is good for me.
  2. Liam had a good day yesterday – his friends came to visit and he really enjoys that. He was in pain when we left in the evening but they gave him something for that and he was pretty settled by the time we left.
  3. Finding a few things to declutter last night, I am up to date again and have filled in the days I missed.
  4. Knowing what I am going to cook for tomorrow night’s dinner – deciding is half the work done.
  5. Tea – there is nothing like a good cuppa when you need a little pick me up.
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  1. I’ve just started using a microfiber cloth in my shower/tub and I’m finding that it works better than a sponge or regular cloth. I’ll have to try the toilet bowl cleaner on the dark line ‘under’ the sealer by the shower door which I assume is mildew or mold. Nothing else has worked to clean it.

    Because I have some correcting and lesson prep to do this afternoon, I’ve brewed a ‘cuppa’ tea to sip on while I work.

    • Hi Willow,
      When mildew gets under the sealer around the bath and shower it is very hard to get rids of barring ripping it up and replacing it. Silicon is my pet hate in the shower but a necessity unfortunately unless you have one of those fabulous moulded fibreglass ones. You need a toilet cleaner with bleach to make any difference to the mildew and if you do get rid of it give the area a good dose of vinegar to kill what is left of the spores.
      Enjoy your cuppa! Colleen

      • I am delighted to see this post 🙂

        We have the moulded fibreglass bath/showers, but there is still silicone where the sliding doors are attached to the side of the tub. Not only does ours get the same “black line” willow mentions, it also started leaking, which gave the mildew more nooks and crannies under the hardware to grow. I would like to try the toilet cleaner with bleach, but I am wondering if it can be used around the chrome hardware. I guess I’d better check the bottle first …

        How can you tell if a microfibre cloth is good quality? What attributes should it have? I’ve seen them at very low prices, but they look like a terry cloth facecloth with only half the loops they should have.

        Thanks for this post, Colleen!

        • Hi Jo,
          I buy vroom brand microfibre clothes from the automotive section of Target in the US. They have so many sizes, thicknesses and purposes and are great value for the quality that they are. I think the best way to tell a good cloth is exactly as you say just check out how thick and thirsty they seem to be. Glass/chrome cleaning clothes are different they have the loopy finish on one side to clean with and smooth woven fibres on the reverse side to polish to a shine. Some of the outdoor mitts are quite different in texture but are designed to get into all the nooks and crannies.

          Enjo bland are very good quality but a very very expensive but I you ever get the opportunity to attend and Enjo demonstration you can learn some great cleaning techniques. Book a demonstration for yourself I am sure there is no obligation.

  2. Oh gosh… I wish I knew you were getting rid of your Babushka dolls… my daughter is looking for a set for her project on Russia…
    Funny how when you think about soemthing, you see them everywhere!

    • Hi Bronwyn,
      I find that too. I will learn some odd little fact and then come upon the same subject very soon afterwards totally at random.